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Welcome! Please sign up for a conference time and find a seat.

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1 Welcome! Please sign up for a conference time and find a seat.

2 The 2 nd grade teachers are looking forward to an exciting school year! Mr. Beecher Mrs. Doll Mrs. Sander Mrs. Engstrom Ms. Mahoney Miss Minicozzi

3 Skills we will be working on: Decoding Strategies Comprehension Strategies Vocabulary Fluency What to look for: Reading Homework (We ask that your child read every night for 15 minutes)

4 Mini Lessons Flexible Reading Groups Daily Five Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work, & Meet with Teacher CAFE Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, & Expand Vocabulary Your child will be bringing home 2 library books per week to read. Please make sure your child returns books promptly on Library day.

5 Skills we will be working on: Review of first grade spelling words Identifying spelling patterns Use spelling words in everyday writing What to look for: Spelling Choice homework will be given on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Study on Thursday. Spelling test every Friday (12 core words & 3 challenge words) Initial homework sheet or spelling log when the assignment is complete each night

6 The Writing Process: Brainstorm and Plan Write a Sloppy Copy Conference Revise & Edit Publish & Celebrate Types of Writing: Narrative Informative Argumentative Friendly Letter Please look for published pieces to come home at the end of the year!

7 Skills we will be working on: Addition and subtraction basic facts up to 20 Two-digit and three-digit addition and subtraction with/without regrouping Time, Money, Geometry, & Measurement Fractions Word problems Skip counting What you can do at home: Practice addition and subtraction facts to 20 Hands-on math activities (counting coins & telling time) Websites to visit:

8 Addition Goals To be proficient: First Quarter: 20-29 facts in 2 minutes Second Quarter: 20-29 facts in 2 minutes Third Quarter: 25-35 facts in 2 Minutes Fourth Quarter: 30-40 facts in 2 minutes Subtraction Goals To be proficient: First Quarter: Not Assessed Second Quarter: Not Assessed Third Quarter: 25-35 facts in 2 minutes Fourth Quarter: 30-40 facts in 2 minutes

9 Rocket Math is a research- based individualized program that promotes fluency and accuracy of math facts. The students will practice regularly at home and school. We will begin this program in October and your child will be required to practice facts for 3 minutes as part of their homework.

10 Science Skills Objects in the Sky Balance and Motion Plants Social Studies Skills Communities (Urban, Suburban, & Rural) Citizenship Government Community Resources Throughout the year, your child will participate in hands-on activities as well as finding information through reading books in Science and Social Studies.

11 Homework is given on a nightly basis Monday through Thursday. Their homework will be written down on the homework sheet each day. Homework is an extension of skills taught in class. It should be completed independently. PLEASE SIGN the homework sheet each night. *Rocket Math to begin in October*

12 Provide a quiet place Establish a consistent homework routine Keep supplies readily available Check over homework for neatness and accuracy If your child struggles with the assignment, please write a brief note on the homework sheet. Homework is an excellent way to teach responsibility. If your child forgets their homework at home or at school, please allow him/her to take ownership of his/her actions.

13 Positive Reinforcement: Verbal praise Clip up on clip chart Discipline: A clip chart is used to encourage good choices. Clip down on clip chart You will be contacted if your child clips down to “Parent Contact.”

14 The UNITY program will teach every child the school rules and expected behaviors that will apply throughout the entire building. U-Use kind words and actions N-Need to keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves I-I will follow directions the first time given T-Take ownership of our actions and learning Y- Yield and walk silently throughout our school

15 You may send in a treat on the day of your child’s birthday, but please notify us prior via email or note. If your child’s birthday falls on a weekend, you can send a treat in on Friday or Monday. Please make the treat PEANUT FREE. Please send in napkins and/or paper plates for the treat. Each teacher celebrates summer birthdays differently.

16 We will have snack in the morning. Please provide a PEANUT FREE, healthy, dry snack. Please provide a water bottle. No juice or milk. Water bottles MUST have a sports cap to prevent spills.

17 Sickness If your child is sick and cannot attend school, please call the attendance line at 610- 369-7518, to report your child absent. Our school day runs from 8:45 to 3:25. If you are going to request homework, please do so before noon. Vacation If you plan on taking a vacation during the school year, please fill out a trip form and return it to the office for approval. Each teacher will send home an activity for your child to complete during this time.

18 Use numbers 1,2,3, & 4 as indicators of skill mastery 3 is proficient, this is where we expect your child to be Report card skills are aligned with Common Core Standards, therefore the report cards look slightly different this year.

19 Thank you for coming this evening. Please sign up for conferences in the cafeteria if you have not already done so.

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