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Crossroads Elementary 2011-2012. My name is Andrea Mudd. I grew up in Alexandria and went to college at the University of Kentucky where I graduated with.

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1 Crossroads Elementary 2011-2012

2 My name is Andrea Mudd. I grew up in Alexandria and went to college at the University of Kentucky where I graduated with a degree in elementary education. I attended NKU for my masters degree with a reading and writing endorsement. This will be my 10 th year teaching. I have been teaching 1 st grade at Crossroads for the past three years. I am thrilled to be a part of the 3 rd grade team again, a new and exciting year for all of us! I have been married to my husband Sam for three years. He is a Practice Development Manager for GE Capital. I enjoy walking my dogs, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.

3 Students will arrive and follow the morning routine. (CRUSH) They will Check-in, Use the Restroom, Unpack, Sharpen 2 pencils, and turn in their Homework. They will then begin their morning work for the day. I will check planners during this time.

4 Each morning we have several students in 4th/5th grade present our morning announcements in a very creative way. The students have set up a news anchor desk and they inform us about school events and reminders. This is also when we recite the pledge of allegiance and our school mission statement.

5 During this time we will be working on reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, and grammar skills. We will have a paraeducator, Mrs. Gerding, working with us during literacy block. Your child will be required to read at least 15 minutes every night. They will turn in a reading log every week. They will also have grammar and spelling homework through out the week.

6 Students will first go to lunch from 11:25-11:50. We will then go to recess from 11:55-12:05.

7 The topics that the students will learn in Science and Social studies will change each trimester. This is also the time when students that need additional practice or help in math will receive those services.

8 Everyday Math is based on how children learn and what they’re interested in while preparing them for their future mathematical needs. I plan on making it very easy to assist your children with their math by providing you as parents with resources from the program. The students will have homework almost each night in math. They will have a “Home-Link” page and it will need to be completed and returned.

9 Monday-P.E. Tuesday- Library Wednesday- Art Thursday- Music Friday- P.E.

10 During this time your child will write down their homework, pack-up, and begin study hall. Study hall is an opportunity for your child to start their homework and ask any questions that they may have before they get home. Your child should still bring home all homework each night so that you will be able to see their work and so that you can stay informed about what your child is learning at school.

11 -Fantastic -Very Good -OK- needs work -Not so good- Is this your best work? -Redo and turn in next day!

12 During a normal week the children will have math homework Monday-Thursday as well as Spelling and Grammar homework. Turning in homework is very important. It not only allows your child to review the skills that were taught that day but also teaches them responsibility.

13 A flip card system is used in our classroom. If a students does not follow classroom procedures and rules they will have to flip a card. You will see the color that your child ends the day on by looking in their planner each day!

14 Green- Did not flip. Great day!! 2 Tickets Yellow- Flipped 1 time. Warning! 1 Ticket Orange- Flipped 2 times. Loses 5 min. of recess. Pay 1 Ticket Red- Flipped 3 times. Loses 10 min. of recess and a note will be sent home. Pay 2 Tickets

15 You can communicate with me through your child’s planner, emailing me, or by calling me. Your child’s behavior will be recorded daily in their planner. Please check to see what color your child is on and that they have completed their homework. After you have checked these things, I ask that you sign or initial your child’s planner. Your child will also have a take home folder. In this folder your child will have one side to put their homework in for the night and another pocket for papers that have been graded. It will also contain important papers about what is going on in the classroom as well as information from the office. Please check it nightly! Thanks for your help with this!

16 We allow time during the morning for the children to have a healthy snack if they wish. Your child will be expected to eat their snack as they are working. Pretzels, fruit, dry cereal, etc. are all good choices that can be easily eaten. (No candy, cookies, or chips please!) Also, there is no refrigerator in the room for yogurt or other cold items.

17 There are many ways that you can volunteer in our classroom. I greatly appreciate anyone that is able to make copies and assist in the classroom. Please let me know if you are interested! Those that want to attend field trips must have a background check. You can pick up a form in the office if you are interested. Volunteer in our Classroom!

18 If you do not have a supply list, please check the school’s website or notify me as it is important for your child to have his/her supplies the first days of school. Thanks to those that have brought their supplies tonight!!

19 for taking the time to attend Open House! I look forward to working with you and your child this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning activities!

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