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WELCOME TO MEET THE TEACHER 2014 Mrs. Pederson. CONFERENCE TIME  My conference time is from 9:45-10:30.

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2 CONFERENCE TIME  My conference time is from 9:45-10:30

3 MORNING PROCEDURES  Students can be dropped off beginning at 7:15.  PLEASE do not drop off students in the bus circle or the faculty parking lot.  Parents who come into the building throughout the day must sign in at the office.

4 LATE ARRIVALS/ABSENCES  The tardy bell rings at 8:00 AM.  If your child is absent, send a note on the day he/she returns.

5 GOING HOME  If your child will be going home a different way, please send a note or call the office before 2:00.

6 SNACKS AND PARTIES  Children may bring a healthy snack to class.  There are three class parties per year: Winter Holidays, Valentine’s Day & End of School.  You can drop off or send cookies or cupcakes to school for your child’s birthday. We will serve the treat after lunch.

7 DAILY FOLDER/THURSDAY FOLDER  Yellow Daily Folder will go home each day and come back to school each day. Check it for notes, and assignments. A reading log and a list of spelling activities should be in the yellow folder at all times.  Red Thursday folder goes home every Thursday. Graded papers for the week are in the folder, along with a weekly conduct and work habit grade.  Please return red folders on Friday.  The Peek of the Week will go home each Friday and it is also posted on the teacher’s website.

8 TEACHER WEBPAGE  A copy of the Peek of the Week can be found on my teacher webpage. 

9 CONDUCT GOALS  I will treat everyone with kindness.  I will use appropriate behavior in all areas of the building.  I will talk at appropriate times.  I will follow directions at all times.

10 WORK HABIT GOALS  I will be prepared for class.  I will use my time wisely.  I will complete assignments and turn them in on time.  I will always do my best.

11 DISCIPLINE  Conduct Goals/Work Habits Goals count as two separate grades. Grades are E,S,N,U.  Positive reinforcement can include notes, verbal praise, Stallion Slips, and tickets for rewards.  Failure to abide by these rules can result in loss of recess, parent contact, and office referrals.

12 GRADES  Available on Family Access  Grading Scale A = 90 – 100 B = 80 – 89 C = 75 – 79 D = 70 - 74  Redo work- If a child receives a failing grade on a daily assignment that is below 70, they will get the chance to redo the assignment in class after a re- teach for up to a 70.  Test/Quiz - If a child receives a failing grade on a test or quiz, they will get a chance to retake the test or quiz, after a re-teach for up to a 70.

13 CONTENT AREAS  Mrs. Pederson teaches Math, Science, Social Studies, & Health  Ms. Brown teaches Reading, Language, Spelling and Handwriting

14  Place Value  Math Vocabulary  Problem solving  Multiplication  Division  Graphs MATH  Measurement  Time  Money  Geometry  Fractions  Probability

15  Matter  Simple Systems  Science Process Skills  The Solar System  Habitats SCIENCE  Force  Adaptations  Inherited Traits  Water Cycle

16 SOCIAL STUDIES  Mapping Skills  Communities  Citizenship  Black history  Inventors and inventions  Government/Economics  Explorers  Culture  Women’s Histories

17 READING  Guided Reading (Small group)  Independent Reading  Shared Reading (Whole group instruction)  Read Aloud  Literacy Work Stations  Strategies include schema, visualizing, asking questions, making predictions, inferring, determining importance and synthesizing.  Reading skills include genre, cause and effect, main idea and details, text evidence, plot structure, text structure, summary of fiction and informational text, sequencing, context clues, author’s purpose, predicting, and analyzing characters.

18 LANGUAGE  6 +1 Traits of Writing Ideas Organization Word Choice Voice Sentence Fluency Conventions Presentation  The Writing Process  Journaling  Preparation for 4 th Grade Writing STAAR  Grammar  Penmanship

19 SPELLING  A list of spelling words is sent home on the Peek of the Week each Friday.  A list of spelling activities is located in the yellow daily folder or blue spiral. Students should complete at least 3 activities each week in the blue Spelling Spiral.  Spelling homework will be turned in and checked each Friday.

20 HANDWRITING  Students should print legibly on all class work.  Students are encouraged to practice cursive writing in class.  Grading scale: S, N, or U

21 STAAR TESTING DATES  The Math and Reading STAAR test will be the week of April 22 nd.


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