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Hello. My name is Ms. Durham’s AND Mrs. T’s Class! Silverlake Elementary School Meet the Teacher Night September 4, 2014.

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1 Hello. My name is Ms. Durham’s AND Mrs. T’s Class! Silverlake Elementary School Meet the Teacher Night September 4, 2014

2 Before we begin….. Please write down any questions that you have on the sticky notes, and we will respond to your questions via email! We would love to answer them all tonight, but unfortunately we are pressed for time 

3 Ms. Durham- My name is Maggie Durham. This is my second year teaching third grade at Silverlake. I graduated from SFA with my bachelors in early childhood education. My full bio can be found on my webpage! Mrs. Trochesset-You and the children may call me Mrs. T. This is my second year teaching third grade. Prior to that I taught second grade for fourteen years and fourth grade for two years, all here in Pearland. I have also taught English in high school. I look forward to having a great year!

4 Standard classroom rules: Treat others with respect Follow school rules and code of conduct Follow directions Keeps hands and other objects to yourself Treat classroom supplies and materials with respect Always do the right thing Always do your best!

5 Rules Conduct marks/ conduct sheets Clip chart/ blurt chart Rewards Stickers books “Compliment Jar” Silver Dollars/ Prize Box/ Reward Coupons

6 Snacks in the Classroom PLEASE do NOT bring peanut products into the classroom. They can eat these foods at lunch, but not in the classroom. Snacks need to be “healthy.” For example: apple slices, goldfish, cheese-its, grapes, fruit chews. Candy, cookies, and chips will not be eaten in the classroom, and students will be asked to save it for their lunch. Regular, plain-Jane WATER is the only liquid students are allowed to drink in the classroom.

7 Monday- Thursday 7:50-8:00- students are coming in, collecting their things and switching classes immediately 8:00-9:45- instruction time 9:45-10:30- PEAMS Restroom break 10:30-11:20- instruction 11:20-11:22- SWITCHING CLASSES 11:22-11:48- instruction 11:45-12:18- LUNCH 12:18-12:33- RECESS Restroom break 12:33-2:45- instruction 2:45-2:50- packing up and dismissal 3:00- school is over Friday PEAMS is from 10:30-11:15 for Trochesset homeroom Monday Computer lab @9:00-9:45am for Mrs. T and 12:45-1:30 for Ms. Durham

8 Students will attend PEAMS every day. Color coded schedule can be found on individual websites.

9 Curriculum follows the third grade TEKS Tutoring-twice a week on Wednesday and Thursday mornings Make-up work-WIP folder Projects-handed out and explained as they arise STAAR

10 Grammar—includes complete sentences, parts of speech, etc DLR—daily language review Writing

11 Curriculum/ QDPAC/ FasttMath/ Think Through Math New math books….do NOT go home. If students loose their book, the parent will have to pay for a new one  Tutoring- twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday MORNING Make-up work/ WIP folders STAAR

12 Curriculum Projects

13 Curriculum Projects Recycling All TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) for all grade levels can be found on the TEA website.

14 Math- Tuesday and Thursday and study/practice facts/test material (vocabulary/skills/Spiral Reviews) Reading/L.A.- daily reading log, spelling and vocabulary words, a weekly packet sent home on Tuesday to be completed and returned the following Tuesday, study for all tests *HOMEWORK IS GRADED! The grades will be averaged at the end of every grading period. – HOMEWORK CLUB Tuesday Folders Planners

15 We use a standard grading system. We will upload grades weekly into Skyward, but please be patient with us You can also view their grades that come weekly in their Tuesday Folder

16 We need volunteers for: Christmas Party Valentines Party End of Year Party Field Trip Field Day (more info on that towards the end of the year) *Put your name next to the event you would like to help with (if you have not already)! The sheet is right outside the classroom door! Ms. Durham needs a “copy mom.” Please stay involved in your child’s learning. We’ll tell you how

17 Crocodile Encounters! Date/Time: TBA We will need ONE “chaperone” to attend the field trip. Please sign up if you feel you would like to help out! This person is assisting the teacher and helping when/where needed. All volunteers need a background check through PISD! Parents can of course attend the field trip, but parents are not allowed to ride on the bus to and from the field trip. The parent volunteer will also not be allowed to ride the bus with the students.

18 The “Peek of the Week” will be posted on our personal web pages. This will inform you of important things coming up, projects and homework that are due that week, what your child is learning in each subject that week, and information concerning Silverlake. Please check your child’s Tuesday Folders and Planners! Class Website: we’ll show you how to get there My Email: *when emailing your child’s teacher, PLEASE “CC” the other teacher as well.

19 To schedule a parent- teacher conference, please email us with the days you are available or fill out a day/time right outside the door! We hold our conferences TOGETHER!


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