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What is A.C. Milan? A.C. Milan is one of the world’s most successful soccer teams and surely the most successful and winning professional team in the.

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2 What is A.C. Milan? A.C. Milan is one of the world’s most successful soccer teams and surely the most successful and winning professional team in the last 20 years. In the last four years alone it has won its 6th Champions League Cup, 17th Italian League, 5th Italian Cup, 4th Italian Super Cup, 5th European Super Cup and 1st FIFA Club World Cup. In 2007 A.C. Milan reached the Champions League final, winning the trophy in a thrilling match in Athens, Greece. This is considered as one of the most thrilling finals ever; all this while fighting for first place in the Italian League. Experts consider A.C. Milan’s performance in 2007 as unsurpassed by any other European club, managing to win the 5th European Super Cup in Monaco and the 1st FIFA Club World Cup in Yokohama as well. A.C. Milan is a winner on the field and is a pioneer in soccer management with its Milan Academy, a pioneer in giving back to the community through the Milan Foundation and a pioneer in soccer medicine through its Milan Lab. A.C. Milan is the world’s first professional sports team to create its own laboratory for research of all aspects of the sport. Milan Lab is a major world breakthrough in modern sports medicine and has played a vital role in the team’s incredible success in the last three years. A.C. Milan is also a leader in development of young talent with its Milan Junior Camps (MJC) in 40 countries in 5 continents. Since 2005, over 30,000 children participated in Milan Junior Camps worldwide. Since that year, 35 camps have been hosted in the United States.

3 What are Milan Junior Camps? Each camp will be hosted by at least two A.C. Milan certified coaches coming directly from Milan, Italy. In some cases, subject to schedule availability, a former great A.C. Milan player will be present at camp for coaching, playing and autographs. Each child will receive an official A.C. Milan Junior Camp Adidas Kit and a Milan Jr. Camp diploma at the end of camp. The camps’ curriculum has been specially designed for each age group by A.C. Milan’s expert coaches and doctors. Typically mornings are for technical and tactical skills and afternoons for small sided games. Camps are open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 17 at all levels including first time players. Camp duration is five days from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm each day. Two-week camps are also possible. Camps may be of two weeks duration.

4 Milan Junior Camp Day Milan Junior Camp Day is the most important event for all the participants of the Milan Junior Camp. It is a unique celebration full of congregation, fun and sport. Every year at the end of the Summer Camp season, the best players from all camps worldwide are selected by AC Milan technical staff to participate in an event organized in Milan. During the event, all participants will have the possibility to live an unforgettable experience playing a friendly tournament at Vismara Sport Center (base of AC Milan Junior Program) and enjoying a match in the worldwide famous San Siro Stadium. The Milan Junior Camp Day is a unique opportunity to experience directly the “ACMilan World”, play soccer, visit Milan and meet new friends from all over the world!

5 Prior Camps in the USA California (7 camps) New York (5) Florida (12) Virginia (5) Michigan (9) Connecticut (3) Georgia (2) Indiana Arizona Puerto Rico Curacao Ohio (3)


7 Statistically, once an individual is introduced to a winning team and wears its colors, he or she remains a fan for life extending his or her loyalty to the team’s partners and sponsors. We want to offer company name the possibility to become part of a very noble act in sponsoring children who are part of local social programs so that they can participate in this world class event. In general, we want to introduce American children to the victorious reality of A.C. Milan and integrate them to our institution and the local community through the activities provided by the A.C. Milan Youth Program and the Milan Junior Camps as well as provide an opportunity for local businesses to give a little back to their own community and be recognized for it. We want to put smiles on children and turn them into champions while they play. About sponsorship and loyalty

8 10 scholarships for children between the ages of 6-17 (children will be selected from one of the local non profit social programs). This is a tax deductible amount. Includes uniform for the camp (Registration fee for the camp is ____). Sponsor’s publicity (logo and web site reference) on all brochures distributed for the launching of the camp. Over five thousand brochures per location will be distributed. Publicity on the web site Sponsorship opportunities for a good cause

9 Field boards provided by the sponsor will be placed around all fields reserved for the event. Sponsor may distribute or hand out publicity for promotion of its own events or services and may also display items or products. Sponsor may choose (at own expense) to place company logo on the jerseys of the children it will sponsor. Sponsorship package value _____ Sponsorship opportunities for a good cause (continued)

10 Contact For further information regarding the Milan Junior Camp program please contact: EDDIE MARLES AC Milan Managing Director North and Latin America 1 (305) 525 9041 ANDRES MARTINEZ Milan Junior Camp Logistics Coordinator 1 (305) 395 6794 Stepstone Enterprises LLC (Tax ID: 20-5827548)

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