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2009 Presidential Summary Presentation to the IBAF Congress December, 2009.

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1 2009 Presidential Summary Presentation to the IBAF Congress December, 2009

2 A Growing Global Game (popularity across the globe and across all media) 60,000,000 Participants worldwide 1,000,000,000 Fans worldwide 200+ Sponsors across 5 continents

3 Baseball’s Success-2009 MLB record growth in television coverage, sustained high interest in sponsorship, licensing and media interest Successful World Baseball Classic sets stage for further growth WBC generates $15 million in funding for grassroots growth Baseball World Cup shows viable, sustainable interest in Europe New stadiums, fans, media partners

4 Drug testing programme exceeds WADA standards “ I Play Clean” 2009 conducted most in-competition tests in history Baseball continues to take leadership role in anti-doping with its professional partners Photo by Jim McIsaac, Getty Images

5 Baseball Continues Growth World Baseball Classic success leads to increased sponsor and fan interest in Asia. MLB funds all Olympic-related expenses, saving IBAF over $4 million in cost Israel, Australia plan to launch professional leagues in 2010. Netherlands, Italy look to build off successful exposure in 2009 to expand professional opportunities. Over 40 countries from five continents represented in professional ranks in 2009. Increased efforts in training programs for elite players, coaches and umpires. New academies open in Spain, Brazil, Carribean and China.

6 Women’s Baseball First-ever ranking system Formation of Women’s Baseball Committee Organization of 2010 and 2012 World Cups planned Develop programmes for grassroots Expansion, quantifying the over 300,000 current women and girls playing baseball

7 A Sport for All- 2009 Growth Baseball continued its growth as a sport for all in 2009 2,700,000 Little League players over 70 countries 1,000,000+ high school team players worldwide 128 Federations with the addition of Iraq and Ivory Coast 160,000 players with disability in leagues and organised teams worldwide

8 2016 Olympic Games Plan All teams guaranteed no less than three games Maximum number of games for any team: 5 Maximum number of games for five-day tournament: 16 Format agreed to by MLB and JPL MLB pays for all expenses, no cost to IBAF ($4 million USD) Game-ending rule shortens games Field will be converted to softball use at MLB expense following tournament

9 2016 Olympic Games Plan Commitments from all candidate cities – baseball stadiums in place All countries committed to sending their best players, including USA (MLB) Full WADA compliance at all international events MLB support of IBAF drug-free programme One billion fans waiting to cheer on their favorite national teams Softball venue being converted into a full-time baseball stadium

10 Major IBAF Expenses Ortins separation$ 482,000 Congress costs (3)$ 581,000 Beijing Games$1,802,000 Olympic Qualifiers$1,325,000 2009 World Cup$4,500,000 TOTAL$8,690,000 Cost of Olympic effort (President expenses, New York office, logo development, website, publications, media relations, marketing, videos production, gifts, meetings etc.)$4,000,000 MLB Reimbursement$4,000,000 TOTAL COST TO IBAFZERO

11 Baseball in 2010 and Beyond… Growth and sanctioning of international events on many levels Integrated sponsorship and media sales Continued work in Anti-Doping with professional partners Continue to grow leadership and partnerships between Federations, Global Organizations, and Professional Organizations. Grassroots growth, partnerships for all young people. Continued increased global communications plans. Efficient management of resources and allocation of finances.

12 2009 Presidential Summary Presentation to the IBAF Congress December, 2009

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