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PBSF Spring 2005 Bronco and Mustang Baseball Informational Meeting November 9, 2004.

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1 PBSF Spring 2005 Bronco and Mustang Baseball Informational Meeting November 9, 2004

2 Welcome and Introductions Baseball and America have grown up together. In exploring immigration, industrialization, integration and technology, Baseball has served as both a public reflection of, and catalyst for, the evolution of American culture and society. The American landscape, our language, literature, movies, and summertime living all bear the mark of a 19th-century game that continues to be identified with our nation's values and aspirations. Baseball transcends generations.

3 Key Dates Registration due by Dec. 3 Coaches selected prior to Dec. 13 Evaluations Jan. 7/8 (Jan. 14/15 rain date), all coaches present Teams selected by Jan. 30 Coaches required to attend two training clinics, dates TBD and one PCA clinic on 1/18 Team meetings completed by Feb. 11 Practice begins week of Feb. 13 Parents backyard clinics (# of clinics dependent upon interest) Opening Day March 12

4 PBSF Mission Statement Piedmont Baseball Foundation is our community’s hometown league, dedicated to fostering the skills and love of baseball in all interested and committed young players. Our goal is to provide a memorable baseball experience in which every child: –Develops as a baseball player –Appreciates the responsibilities and rewards of being on a team –Learns life lessons and skills that have meaning beyond the game of baseball, such as sportsmanship, character, confidence and resilience –Receives ample opportunities to succeed –Has fun playing the game

5 Team Parents’ Commitment Have to be involved to be successful Support coaches, team and umpires Provide on time transportation Do publicity, write and photograph Host a season ending team party, trophies Field Prep, know what it takes, arrive early Keep score Provide snacks

6 Coaches’ Commitment Teach every player key baseball skills Help players mature into young adults Ensure every player plays and contributes Lead by example – punctuality, knowledge of the game, sportsmanship, competitiveness

7 Players’ Commitment Show up to all practices, in Spring, baseball is the priority Arrive on game days on time, ready to play Always support your teammates Never diss your opponents Listen to your coaches Winning + Sportsmanship = Great Baseball

8 Please visit our site for: –Parents/Coaches/Players Guidelines –FAQ’s –Field Directions –Division Descriptions –Rules –Schedules –Contacts

9 OBA, OYA, MBA, PBSF, Pony, NOLLSOLL Competitive vs. recreational baseball Setting expectations for our teams and ourselves –Look for key plays, great efforts –Play with the best do your best –Not all about winning –Coaching

10 Logistics Field challenges Travel for practices and games Car pools Time commitment Communication, read emails, verify email distribution lists Number of players anticipated, see lists

11 Sponsors We’d like a sponsor for all teams @ $1000 each Registration for PBSF $210 vs. MBA at $300 Where the money goes Fields, coaching, insurance and more

12 Sponsorship Benefits Upgraded new banners with our sponsors name, logo and web URL along with the PBSF Team name More color slightly larger Official Sponsor Day –VIP Invitation to Sponsor day game –Introduction to team and team families –Throw out the first pitch –Team Photos with Sponsor –Sponsor day article, listing and photos in the Piedmont Post

13 Sponsorship Benefits Game ball signed by all the players, put on a display stand for sponsor office or home Sponsor invited to team season ending party Sponsors featured and linked on the Website Photos and listing in the year ending PBSF Yearbook Opening day article and mention in local papers More ideas and benefits from the appreciative PBSF Board

14 Q and A Thank you for attending and supporting PBSF

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