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Washington’s Issues: Foreign & Domestic. Whiskey Tax Receipt, 1794.

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1 Washington’s Issues: Foreign & Domestic

2 Whiskey Tax Receipt, 1794

3 The Tax Hamilton tries to increase revenue for the U.S. Government Tax on whiskey in 1791Tax on whiskey passed by Congress in 1791

4 Alcohol in Western Society Made from excess corn, whiskey was very important to western economy Grain that had been distilled into whiskey was made a lot of profit Whiskey was a form of currencyWhiskey was a form of currency to trade for what they needed

5 Whiskey Production Large scale business Paid tax annually –6¢ per gallon Passed cost on to consumer Small scale personal Couldn’t pay the tax annually Didn’t sell it, couldn’t pass cost on to consumer

6 Rebellion Begins From Pennsylvania to Georgia western farmers refuse to pay tax Efforts to collect the tax were increased in 1794 Tax collectors were attackedTax collectors were attacked

7 Rebellion Location Rebellion in the western part of the state

8 Washington Takes Action Washington calls up over 13,000 militia troopsWashington calls up over 13,000 militia troops Harry Lee is put in command (father of Robert E. Lee) Washington rides at the head of the troops

9 End of Rebellion Militia breaks up rebellionMilitia breaks up rebellion Rebels were arrestedRebels were arrested pardons in exchange for loyaltyWashington offers pardons in exchange for oaths of loyalty Washington reviews the troops - Carlisle, Pennsylvania September 1794


11 year of Washington’s inaugurationBegan the year of Washington’s inauguration Originally seen as a good thing until it became violent Many Americans hated the violence; attacks on religion, disregard of individual liberties Britain declared war to take advantage of a weak French gov’tBritain declared war to take advantage of a weak French gov’t

12 Hamilton attacked Jefferson in the press Jefferson secretly started his own newspaper Jefferson, acknowledged Revolutionary France The common people, & Jefferson, acknowledged Revolutionary France Hamilton, preferred England The commercial classes, & Hamilton, preferred England, their main source of business The country divided into 2 groups

13 NEUTRALITY France wanted US to help fight BritainFrance wanted US to help fight Britain –They were our allies in the American Revolution Washington neutralWashington encouraged neutrality –Discouraged American involvement Proclamation of NeutralityProclamation of Neutrality –Prohibited Americans from fighting overseas –Barred warships in American ports Britain ignored it & attackedBritain ignored it & attacked

14 American Treaties Washington sent John Jay, chief justice of the Supreme Court, to negotiate a treaty Jay’s TreatyJay’s Treaty –British must withdraw from America, pay damages, & allow some ships to trade in the Caribbean Many Americans wanted trade with British West Indies, which it did not open –Many Americans did not like the treaty Pinckney's TreatyPinckney's Treaty –Thomas Pinckney created a treaty with Spain to resolve trade on the Mississippi River France was outraged & saw this as dealing with the devil


16 Washington’s Farewell Address Farewell addressFarewell address –Attacked evils of political parties –Attacked evils of political parties/division –Against entangling in foreign affairs –Against entangling ourselves in foreign affairs Influenced foreign policy for more than 100 yearsInfluenced foreign policy for more than 100 years

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