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Early Challenges 8-2.

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1 Early Challenges 8-2

2 Objectives How the federal government asserted its power in the West.
How the United States tried to stay out of European conflicts.

3 Whiskey Rebellion Farmers in Western Pennsylvania protested having to pay taxes on Whiskey they made from excess corn. George Washington led 15,000 troops to quash the revolt.

4 Struggles Over The West
Although America had gained all land from the Appalachian to the Mississippi River, when pioneers began moving west they discovered something: Somebody was already there.

5 British Intervention Remaining allies with several Indian Nations, as Americans headed west the British renewed their Indian friendships. This would start a series of events.

6 Arthur St. Clair General Arthur St. Clair was sent by Washington to restore and keep order in the West.

7 Little Turtle In November, 1791, Miami Indians led by Little Turtle defeated St. Clair in battle near the Wabash River,

8 British Forts The British started to reinforce forts in the Northwest Territory and build a new fort in Ohio.

9 Battle of Fallen Timbers
In August of 1794 General “Mad” Anthony Wayne defeated Blue Jacket at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

10 Treaty of Grenville After Wayne’s victory, the Native Americans were forced to give up their lands essentially the state of Ohio.

11 French Revolution Inspired by the American Revolution’s ideas of freedom and liberty, France’s revolution began in 1789 and led to the overthrow and beheading of the King and Queen.

12 British/French War In the 1790s, war again broke out between France and Great Britain. Their conflict in the western hemisphere centered at sea for control of the West Indies. This would interfere with American shipping.

13 Neutrality Washington believed the United States should not get involved in European affairs. He declared proclamation of neutrality.

14 Edmund Genet Representing France, Genet came to American and tried to convince Americans to support France’s cause. Some Americans attacked British merchant ships.

15 Impressment Upset by these attacks, the British Navy began the practice of “impressment”. The taking of sailors and forcing them to serve in the Royal Navy.

16 Jay’s Treaty Washington sent John Jay to negotiate a treaty with the British to avert war. The agreement, known as Jay’s Treaty prevented war but was criticized by many for not going far enough.

17 Treaty With Spain In 1795 Thomas Pinckney negotiated a treaty with Spain. The results were that Americans had navigation rights on the Mississippi River and access to the port city of New Orleans.

18 Washington’s Farewell
In 1796 Washington announced he would not seek a third term thereby setting a precedent that would remain until In his farewell address he warned against getting involved in foreign affairs. That would guide America’s foreign policy for the next century.

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