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George Washington’s Early Challenges

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1 George Washington’s Early Challenges
Chapter 9, Lesson 2 EQ: Why does conflict develop?

2 Academic Vocabulary: Ch. 9, Lesson 2
Whiskey Rebellion Battle of Fallen Timbers Proclamation of Neutrality Impressment Jay’s Treaty Pinckney’s Treaty

3 Early Challenges The new government faced many challenges, both domestic and foreign troubles.

4 Whiskey Rebellion Congress passed tax on American made whiskey in 1791 to pay off national debt. Pennsylvania farmers who couldn’t pay the tax rebelled Tarred and feathered tax collectors Washington crushed the rebellion using the army. Lesson = Federal government will use force when necessary.

5 Battle of Fallen Timbers
British began to make land treaties with Native Americans. American settlers moved to the Northwest territory and ignored these treaties. Conflict between Native Americans and American colonists began.

6 Washington sends an army under General “Mad” Wayne.
Wayne defeated Native Americans at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Treaty of Greenville = Native Americans give up most of the land in Ohio, Chicago, and Detroit Americans gave Indians $20,000 worth of goods

7 Problems with Europe Britain and France go to war in 1793.
France is undergoing the French Revolution. Washington: Asked for neutrality. Washington passes: Proclamation of Neutrality = Prohibits Americans from fighting in the war. Closed American ports to the British and French

8 Washington’s Foreign Challenge: Britain
Britain fighting war with France British captured American ships that traded with the French Forced American crew into the British army = impressment It angered Americans Jay’s Treaty: Washington sends John Jay British agree to leave American soil Did not deal with impressment

9 Washington’s Foreign Challenge: Spain
Spanish had closed port of New Orleans to Americans due to border disputes in 1784 Pinckney’s Treaty US Ambassador Thomas Pinckney was sent to Spain to negotiate a treaty Treaty was huge success Re-opened New Orleans to American trade

10 Washington’s Farewell Address
Washington retires and in his farewell address he said: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world” He warned the country not to get involved in foreign conflicts. He warned against creating political parties!

11 Activity: Questions HOME LEARNING
Complete the Diagram of the Treaties Americans made with Native Americans and Foreign Nations. Don’t forget to explain them.

12 Foldable Activity: Washington’s Domestic and Foreign Challenges
Domestic Challenge: __________________________ ________________________ Foreign Challenge: _________________________

13 Why do you think they. honored George Washington
Why do you think they honored George Washington the way they are doing in this parade? Review

14 Exit Slip: Before you Leave
Now that you have learned about George Washington’s presidency. In a half a page paragraph. Explain what you have learned about George Washington. Include information His precedents (traditions he left behind) His foreign and domestic problems His goodbye address

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