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Washington’s Second Term in Office

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1 Washington’s Second Term in Office

2 Domestic Troubles The Whiskey Rebellion
Tax on whiskey Passed by Congress in 1791 Surplus grain was turned into whiskey Easier to transport and used to barter for supplies A Federal Marshall serves Notices to 75 men telling them To appear in court for not paying the tax

3 500 men attacked federal officials
The mob grows larger and intends to march to Philadelphia President Washington assembles a force of 13,000 men and marches with them himself to put down the rebellion Only 20 rebels were caught Hamilton’s tax on Whiskey basically fails

4 Battle of Fallen Timbers
In the 1780s Americans began to move westward to the area beyond the Appalachian Mountains Native Americans in the Northwest Territory joined forces to defend their land August 1794, a force made up of Shawnee, Ottawa, Chippewa and Potawatomi attacked American troops at the Battle of Fallen Timbers General Anthony Wayne defeated the forces August 1795, 12 Native American tribes signed the Treaty of Greenville They gave up part of southern Ohio and Indiana They were to receive a yearly payment of $10,000 from the US Government

5 Foreign Affairs French Revolution
Began shortly after Washington’s inauguration Many Americans sympathized with the cause of the revolutionaries Federalists began to oppose the revolutionaries France declared war on Great Britain April 1793 – Washington declared the U.S. “friendly and impartial” toward both France and Great Britain

6 Think/Pair/Share Whiskey Rebellion French Revolution
Partner A discuss the Whiskey rebellion with partner B Partner B –did you remember something A did not or need to correct any information French Revolution Partner B discuss American involvement in the French Revolution with partner A Partner A –did you remember something B did not or need to correct any information

7 Jay’s Treaty and Pinckney’s Treaty
Describe the Treaty How Did the People React

8 Jay’s Treaty British began intercepting American ships carrying goods to French ports British were still operating out of forts they occupied in American territory Washington sent John Jay (chief justice of Supreme Court) to G. Britain Jay signs a treaty (Jay’s Treaty) Britain has right to seize cargoes bound for French ports British will give up forts in American territory Britain granted U.S. “most favored nation status”

9 Pinckney’s Treaty 1795, Spain joined France in war against Britain
Raised concerns that U.S. would join Britain against France Thomas Pinckney sent to negotiate treaty of San Lorenzo Granted the U.S. the right to navigate the Mississippi river and deposit goods at New Orleans

10 Your Turn to Practice the Material
Draw a picture in your notes to represent each of the following terms Jay’s Treaty Pinckney’s Treaty

11 You will be given a copy of Washington’s Farewell address.
You should pick out the major points Cite excerpts to illustrate your point What advice does Washington offer write your own version of his farewell address.

12 Major Points in Washington’s Farewell Address
Warns against: Sectionalism Political parties Foreign alliances

13 Homework Write a farewell letter to George Washington. You may write your letter from the point of view of the King of England, Martha Washington, a soldier who fought under Washington in the Revolutionary War or a citizen of the U.S. You should include in your letter the following: Their feelings about Washington’s retirement and his accomplishments Why they feel this way Whether they feel his successor can fill his shoes What his presidency has meant for them

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