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Chapter 8 Early Challenges

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1 Chapter 8 Early Challenges
Reteaching Activity 8-2 Chapter 8 Early Challenges

2 Whiskey Rebellion 1. Farmers in western Pennsylvania were upset because they were being taxed on the whiskey they made from their surplus corn 2. Attacks on tax collectors 3. Government responds with show of force

3 Western United States Battle of Fallen Timbers Treaty of Greenville
Gen. Anthony Wayne defeated Blue jacket and 800 Indians here Treaty of Greenville Native Americans agreed to give present day Ohio to the U.S. Gen. Arthur St. Clair U.S. General sent to NW territory to restore order Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket Indian leader that was defeated at Battle of Fallen Timbers

4 French & British Relations
Edmond Genet French diplomat sent to the U.S. to recruit American volunteers to attack British ships Jay’s Treaty British agreed to withdraw from American soil, pay damages for ships they had seized, pay debt from before 1776, allow U.S. to trade in the Caribbean

5 British & French Relations cont.
Impressment of American citizens British ships stopped American merchant ships and forced the sailors into the British navy. Proclamation of Neutrality President Washington issued this to stop Americans from fighting in the war and barred British and French ships from American ports.

6 Washington’s Farewell
Influenced American foreign policy Avoid “permanent alliances” “observe good faith and justice toward all nations” He was against political parties

7 Pinckney’s Treaty Why was it significant to the U.S.?
The Spanish gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River and the right to trade at New Orleans

8 Jay’s Treaty Why were some Americans unhappy with the treaty?
Because it did not address British impressment of American citizens or British interference with American trade

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