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Educational Fair Opportunities for English Language Instruction from Literacy to University Levels.

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1 Educational Fair Opportunities for English Language Instruction from Literacy to University Levels

2 ●Brief descriptions of educational programs ●Student voices ●Breakout sessions: One-on-one time to talk with individual program representatives Agenda

3 The English Language Center Under the umbrella of the Mountain States Group

4 Intensive core classes--15 hours per week Citizenship classes for elders Open entry, open exit Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. 10-hr. cultural orientations 4-hour volunteer training English Language Center 1187 W. River St. No fee for first 5 years after arrival (refugees) $25/week for refugees or immigrants who have been in U.S. for 5 years or more On-site child care for newly arrived refugees for first 6 weeks Level placement by one-on-one interviews (10-15 minutes) Class schedule depends on level

5 WHERE? Boise Library (adult only) Hillcrest Library (adult only) Anna Margaret Jones Center for Learning on 36th St. in Garden City (adult and family literacy) WHEN? Classes Monday - Thursday morning (9 AM - 11:30 AM) afternoon (12:30 PM - 3 PM) evening (6:30 PM 8:30 PM) ENROLLMENT? 3 times a year: January, May and August COST? Sliding scale based on family size/family income One fee per family NO one turned away due to inability to pay ESL, ABE/GED All levels in each class, all classes individualized based on student needs and goals Students work one-on-one or in small groups with teachers and tutors and also work on computers FAMILY LITERACY Adult family members can bring children ages 2 mos. to 5 years. Children attend preschool while family member works in adult classroom, then come together for family learning Website: For information on classes: 571-7681

6 College of Western Idaho ABE $ Free Students: Reading levels 2nd grade to high school. Can already speak and understand English. GED prep available. College prep available. Location: *Oak Park on Vista *June/July 2014 will be relocating the Ada County Center area ESL $ Free Students: Pre-literate to advanced who need listening, speaking, reading and writing. Current Locations: *Oak Park on Vista *Gateway School *Meridian Elementary *Hawthorne Elementary College of Western Idaho Students: Open access college to students interested in credit- bearing academic or technical programs. College prep available. Location: * Ada County Center (Maple Grove/Overland) * Nampa Campus * Canyon County Center

7 Boise State University English Classes Intensive English Program (pre-matriculation) English Levels: Beginning to Advanced Classes: ●Communication: Listening & Speaking ●Reading & Writing ●Grammar ●Math Preparation 5 Eight-week Sessions 5 Full-time Scholarships offered per year. Resident Tuition: $1200 Payment Plan Available English Classes for Credit (after matriculation) English Levels: Advanced I, Advanced II Classes: ●Academic English Writing, levels I and II ●English 101-plus (a 4-credit class with extra support) ●English 101 and 102 classes with expert teachers ESOL placement test ($11.50) ●One-hour essay ●Can be used to help decide readiness for college

8 More at Boise State The Writing Center Tutoring ●Free of charge ●Focus on writing ●Any stage of the writing process (understanding the assignment, thinking of a topic, drafting, revising) ●Drop-in and appointments ●Email consultations English Language Support Tutoring ●Free of charge ●Focus on writing, grammar, reading, or conversation ●Meet the same tutor weekly Advising about English classes and placement Consulting with instructors (helping them help you) Boise State Refugee Alliance Student Organization-- students helping students Social support Peer advising Information about campus resources

9 Other sources of support The Libary! at Hillcrest offers opportunities to practice english, tutoring for job applications, citizenship and other forms, and computer assistance by appointment. Stepping Stones offers assistance with finding resources within the community, basic computer training and more. Catholic Charities of Idaho offers an English Conversation Group, preparations for citizenship tests and many more supportive services.

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