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Columbia Square Adult Learning Centre The home of

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1 Columbia Square Adult Learning Centre The home of
Welcome to... Columbia Square Adult Learning Centre The home of SCHOOL DISTRICT 40, NEW WESTMINSTER

2 Have you been a student here in the past?
Please tell a teacher so that we can recover your records. Are you under the age of 19? Please tell a teacher so that we can plan the correct courses with you.

3 advancing your education? We teach students of all ages.
Are interested in advancing your education? We teach students of all ages.


What is it?

6 When you finish high school in BC, you receive a Dogwood Diploma

7 ` A Dogwood Diploma is... proof of High School Graduation in the province of British Columbia It is required for admission to College or University

8 There are THREE ways to graduate in BC!
of B.C. Adult Graduation (5 courses) 80 Credit Graduation (for students under 19 years of age) GED (Grade 12 equivalency test)

9 You need a minimum of 5 SPECIFIC COURSES
What COURSES do I need to take to receive the Adult DOGWOOD DIPLOMA? You need a minimum of 5 SPECIFIC COURSES

10 the DOGWOOD DIPLOMA are: One of these 3 can be Social Studies 11
The 5 COURSES for the DOGWOOD DIPLOMA are: English 12 or Communications 12 An approved Mathematics 11 or 12 3 other Grade 12 level courses 1 (your choice) One of these 3 can be Social Studies 11 or Civics 11 2 (your choice) 3 (your choice) Provincial Exams are OPTIONAL

11 The 80 Credit Graduation:
For students born 1989 or later Entered Grade 11 in Sept 2004 or earlier Must write Provincial exams 3 grade 10 exams 1 grade 11 exam 1 grade 12 exam

12 GED Grade 12 Equivalency Write 5 tests to completed
For students aged 19 and older Write twice a year Must finish in 3 years Grade 12 equivalency $60 Fee

13 HOW LONG will I take to finish all the courses?
Every student will require a different amount of time. It depends on your skill level when you begin your upgrading. An instructor will help you PLAN YOUR STUDY PROGRAM!

…in a CLASSROOM …or... Take an online course from home.

15 Grade 11 & 12 Classroom Courses
(September to January) Business Computer Applications 11 Civics 11 Communications 11 Communications 12 Data Management 12 DFT 12 (Film 12) English 12 Math 11 Pre-Calculus (former PMA 11)

16 What is self paced learning?
Whether you are in high school or not you know that regular scheduled courses require that you attend at scheduled times. Self-paced courses are different. Self-paced courses don’t have a strict schedule. You are responsible for your own schedule. Our courses do have a limit. You must complete your course within one year. However, you should aim to complete a course within 3 months. And of course you will receive personal help and tutoring from a British Columbia certified teacher. You are not alone. can design your own schedule of attendance and study hours. The Key to success is being self-motivated!

17 What Grade 10 courses are online?
English 10* Information Technology 10* Math 10 (Apprenticeship & Workplace)* Math 10 (Foundations & Pre-Calculus)* Planning 10 Science 10* Social Studies 10* Only students on the 80 Credit Graduation can take Grade 10 online courses. *The NEW Literacy Foundation courses are available for adults

18 Math 11 (Apprenticeship & Workplace)*
What Grade 11 courses are online? Biology 11 Chemistry 11 English 11 Math 11 (Apprenticeship & Workplace)* Math 11 (Pre-Calculus)* Physics 11 Science & Technology 11 Social Studies 11 * September 2011

19 What Grade 12 courses are online?
Biology 12 Chemistry 12 Communications 12 English 12 Family Studies 12 First Nations Studies 12 History 12 Law 12 Math 12 Principles Physics 12

20 We also offer Academic Upgrading
for students who need extra help with: GRAMMAR COMMUNICATION SKILLS WRITING SKILLS

21 …by starting with our skills upgrading levels
Learn to READ better Learn MATH Improve your GRAMMAR …by starting with our skills upgrading levels

22 Classroom Courses Adult Foundations: English, Writing,
Reading, Speaking, & Listening. Summer Classes: July 4 – August 11 Morning: 8:30 to 12:00 Afternoon: 12:30 to 4:00 PM Evening: 5:30 to 9:00 PM

23 When can I come to school?
Open all year around, except... The year’s schedule: 2 weeks in Dec. 1 week at Spring Break 1 week at the end of June 3 weeks in August The week’s schedule: Monday through Friday The daily schedule (lab) Summer: 3:00 to 9:00 Monday 10:00 to 9:00 Tuesday to Thursday (Friday: closed) The daily schedule (lab) September to June: 10:00 to 9:00 Monday to Thursday 10:00 to 3:00 Friday

24 $ $ TUITION is FREE for BC residents,
What does it COST? $ $ TUITION is FREE for BC residents, who are Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants, Refugees, or work permit (1 year or more), who have a plan for graduation International visa students pay $650 per course

25 LEARNING MATERIALS TEXTBOOKS can be borrowed to use in the learning centre OR take one home. $100 Deposit is required WORKBOOKS (if needed) $10 and up You provide your own supplies, like pens, paper, etc. NOTE: We can supply a letter requesting funds for daycare. Ask at your interview.

26 How Do I Start? First, you may need to write a math and/or English assessment to help us place you in the right course. If you provide a transcript showing recent completion of required courses we will be able to give you better advice. The next step is to talk with a teacher to plan your long term and short term educational goals. We’re here to help you plan the shortest and best path to achieve your goals.

27 Please come in and get started!
And….CONGRATULATIONS… for taking this important first step in coming back to school.

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