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The Writing Center St. Joseph’s Hall, 3 rd Floor, Room 333 215-248-7114

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1 The Writing Center St. Joseph’s Hall, 3 rd Floor, Room 333 215-248-7114

2 What do we offer? One-on-one tutoring sessions, in person or via Skype, to graduate and undergraduate student writers at all levels of proficiency at any stage in the writing process Group workshops on creative writing, grammar, style, and research documentation (MLA, Chicago, APA) Print and online writing resources Access to computer software to help with brainstorming and/or organizing ideas

3 What can you work on? Any CHC assignment, including essays, reflection papers, research papers, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, dissertations, and presentations Take-home exams IF we have the instructor’s written permission Note: For help with resumes, cover letters, or admissions essays, please see Career Services. For assistance with research, ask a CHC Librarian. For test-taking strategies or help with course content, see Student Learning Services.

4 How do we operate? Tutors are faculty members and trained graduate and undergraduate students. We recommend scheduling an appointment (in person, online, or by phone) well in advance of your due date. Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes long. Students may schedule up to two appointments per week. We offer weekend and evening hours, as well as daytime hours during the week. See our website for the current schedule.

5 What can tutors help you do? Understand an assignment Brainstorm for ideas Outline or organize a paper Learn how to proofread or edit your own paper Revise an assignment based on an instructor’s comments Improve your writing style (conciseness, word choice, sentence variety) Review rules for grammar and mechanics Review guidelines for documenting research and avoiding plagiarism

6 What can you expect ? Attention to your writing Active listening Engaged discussion about your ideas Collaborative problem-solving Assistance finding answers to your writing questions Help using writing resources Long-term support to improve as a writer

7 What can’t tutors do? Act in place of your instructor Write for you Proofread and edit for you Serve as writing experts Guarantee error-free writing Promise high grades Perform miracles

8 What should you bring? Assignment instructions and course syllabus A printed copy of your work at any stage in the writing process Questions about the assignment or writing in general Your ideas Your notes, outline, sources, and related reading

9 What support do we provide for multilingual writers? Guidance in learning to write in standard American English Opportunities to practice speaking English with trained tutors Discussions on how American writing conventions differ from those of your native language Help setting goals to develop as a writer

10 How can you make the most of tutoring? Schedule an appointment as soon as you get the assignment Bring your assignment, material, and questions with you Make a plan during your tutoring session for what to work on next Visit the Writing Center often Practice what you learn between tutoring sessions Talk with your instructor about your efforts

11 Check out our online writing resources. See our website for downloadable handouts and links to other writing-related websites. Get assistance with The writing process and essay organization Grammar and style Research documentation and avoiding plagiarism Writing in multiple subjects Business writing Admissions essays and personal statements Creative writing

12 For an appointment… Call 215-248-7114. Email Drop by the Writing Center, St. Joseph’s Hall, 3 rd floor, Room 333 Go to and click on “Schedule an appointment”

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