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"It takes a village to raise a child." North Carolina College Access Conference 2.22.2012.

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1 "It takes a village to raise a child." North Carolina College Access Conference 2.22.2012

2 The Mission 1. Increase the college-going rate at high schools we serve 2. Expand range of colleges and universities to which students apply and enroll 3. Help principals, counselors, and teachers establish a college-going culture

3 The Action Advisers provide one-on-one and group advising sessions to help students 1. Best Fit vs. Best Match 2. Complete admissions and financial aid applications 3. Enroll successfully

4 Connecting with the Community at Large The importance of the connection "It takes a village to raise a child." Collaboration = a better use of resources common space use of funds presenters and speakers What is the communities culture?

5 Connecting with Students and Their Families A Greater Impact Foundation for trust and support Go where they are! Festivals Sporting Events Concerts

6 Connecting with Community Stakeholders Parents Alumni Business Owners Donations -Sponsorships Religious Organizations Marketing Elected Officials

7 Case Studies Rockingham County Caldwell County Charlotte Surry County

8 Rockingham County Financial Aid & Scholarship Day Partner with Rockingham Community College Local scholarships set up tables to promote their scholarship Advisers on hand to help students with their admissions or scholarship essays Financial aid professionals on hand to help with FAFSA Held on a Saturday afternoon, 1-5 PM

9 Rockingham County Community College Day Held on campus of Rockingham Community College on a week day Highlight certain programs of study offered at the college in a college fair setting Bring academic match students County wide event

10 Rockingham County Student Interns Partner with local elementary school to offer internships for high school students Train high school students on select college related topics and have them speak on topics with elementary students Elementary and high school teachers/counselors collaborate on topics to be discussed High school interns can also mentor and tutor elementary students

11 Caldwell County Junior “College Knowledge” Workshop Opportunity for parents and students to learn more about the college and financial aid processes Bring in financial aid and admissions representatives from several colleges to speak Promote to high school and middle school parents Institutions included in the past: Appalachian State, Caldwell Community College, Wake Forest University, UNC Greensboro Solicit donations from local business and restaurants for raffle items and food

12 Caldwell County Financial Aid Night Opportunity for parents to learn about funding college in November Financial aid representatives from various colleges sat on a panel and answered questions directed by the Adviser and the audience November 2011—event hosted over 200 attendees.

13 Charlotte - Mecklenburg County “What’s Next” Workshops Partner with community college to host workshop on transition from high school to college life Host two workshops—eastern and western region of city Collaborate with alumni of schools, UNC Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College, and community stakeholders committed to increasing college access Solicit donations from local businesses for raffle items and food

14 Charlotte - Mecklenburg County “What’s Next” Workshop Topics Parent support for college students How to be a good college student Study tips Panel of HS alumni who went to college How to be a supportive parent Tips tricks and terms used with enrolling a student Choosing the right college

15 Surry County Financial Aid Literacy Workshops Collaborate with Surry Community College financial aid staff and CFNC representative Held parent events to discuss safe and free scholarship searches, applying for and maintaining FAFSA status, and preparing for college Held events at local high schools and at community college (various opportunities to attend)

16 Surry County Local Business Classroom Presentations Bring in local businesses to discuss importance of higher education with juniors and seniors Message delivered from standpoint of someone who hires employees-- “We need you to continue your education…” Target academic classes that may not be college-bound

17 Surry County College Info Night for Spanish Speakers Hold informational night in Spanish—recruit Donna Weaver from CFNC Have a student advertise the event in Spanish leading up to it Promote the event through local churches attended by many Spanish speaking families Held on a weeknight at the school Provide food if event is held near dinner time Provide child care if possible

18 ~Let’s Talk~


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