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World War I Begins World War I Begins What are the causes of WWI?

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1 World War I Begins World War I Begins What are the causes of WWI?

2 The Brink of War in Europe 1. Nationalism - Serbia & Austria-Hungary compete for the Balkans 2. Imperialism – Nations trying to expand their empires 3. Militarism – Countries building large army & navy in case of war 4. Alliance System – Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria- Hungary, Italy) & Triple Entente (France, Russia, Britain)

3 A Shot Heard Round The World 1)A-H annexes Bosnia 2)Serbia vows to take Bosnia away from A-H (Russia backs Serbs) 3) A-H threatens to crush Serbs June 28 th, 1914: While visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia are assassinated Killed by Gavrilo Princip, a member of a Serbian group Black Hand A-H wants to punish Serbia, present list of demands to Serbs Serbs won’t agree to all terms, A-H declares war Serbia’s ally Russia orders their troops to the Austrian border

4 Schlieffen Plan A-H ally Germany feels threatened by Russia Germany develops Schlieffen Plan avoid fighting war on two fronts 1) Attack and defeat France first on the western front 2) Attack Russia later on the eastern front Germany invades neutral Belgium to get to France British enter war due to German aggression

5 World at War Triple Alliance becomes Central Powers (Germany, A-H & Ottoman Empire) vs. Tr Entente is Allied Powers (Britain, France, Russia, Serbia) On Western Front in France, Germany, Britain & France dig series of trenches New weapons like the machine gun makes fighting on the western front very immobile, with large losses of life on both sides Clip: How has the machine gun changed traditional fighting techniques?

6 Western Front: Bloody Stalemates No Man’s Land was area above trenches, millions of deaths Clip: Describe the preparation for No Man’s Land Eastern Front: Frozen Front Germany focusing on W. Front so Russia & A-H fighting to a draw in early part of war Both countries slow industrialization causes shortages of weapons & supplies. Cold weather biggest factor for loss of life Clip: Describe the fighting and hazards in No Man’s Land

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