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Chapter 13: The Great War Section 1

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1 Chapter 13: The Great War Section 1
Marching Toward War Chapter 13: The Great War Section 1

2 Learning Targets I can identify the political and military forces at work in Europe in the late 1800’s. I can list the countries that made up the Triple Entente and Triple Alliance. I can summarize the events that set WWI in motion.

3 Some Background Early 1900s Militarism Alliances Nationalism
Many European countries built up their militaries through help of Industrial Revolution Alliances Europeans created secret alliances to protect from neighbors that were stockpiling weapons Nationalism Many Europeans wanted to prove they were the best, even if that meant fighting

4 Some Background (cont’d)
Imperialism Europeans would fight (compete) over taking new colonies Assassination of Franz When Austrian leader, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, it sets things in motion towards war WWI was all about the MANIA

5 Rising Tensions in Europe
The 1900’s started out peacefully Europeans were increasingly arguing over territories and superiority Nationalism They believed they had to have powerful militaries to protect their colonies and aggression from their neighbors Imperialism Militarism

6 Tangled Alliances These tensions created a need for special alliances in case war broke out Germany feared France Germany united with Austria-Hungary and Italy Known as Triple Alliance Germany insults Russia Russia unites with France and Great Britain Known as the Triple Entente

7 Crisis in the Balkans

8 Crisis in the Balkans Europeans competed for colonies
One place was in the Balkans Home to many different ethnic groups Did not like Europeans controlling them Some liked Russia though Austria-Hungary (European) Young leader, Franz, visits one of these territories in the Balkans A Serbian assassin kills him and his wife Austria declares war on Serbia, starting the war!

9 Europe Plunges into War
Chapter 13: The Great War Section 2

10 Learning Targets I can describe the reaction to Austria’s declaration of war. I can summarize military events on the Western Front. I can explain the development of the war on the Eastern Front.

11 Some Background By 1914, two major alliances had formed
Triple Entente France, Great Britain, Russia (allied with Serbia) Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy Once Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia… Everyone honored their alliances, and war began

12 The Great War Begins When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
Serbia’s ally, Russia, mobilized its forces on Austria and Germany’s borders Before France could honor its alliance with Russia, Germany declared war on France Soon Great Britain would honor its alliance with France and Russia by declaring war on Germany Many believed the war would be quick They were terribly wrong…

13 A Bloody Stalemate The Western Front
Deadlocked region of Northern France Germans had hoped to defeat the French and British quickly here, and focus on the Russians This failed Trench Warfare developed Thousands died, and no one really advanced

14 The Battle on the Eastern Front
Border of Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany Russians and Serbs fought Austrians and Germans A more mobile war Russia invaded Germany and Austria Soon would be pushed back Russia tied up Germany on Eastern Front But Russia couldn’t stay in the fight very long

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