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Marching Toward War Chapter 13: The Great War Section 1.

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1 Marching Toward War Chapter 13: The Great War Section 1

2 Learning Targets I can identify the political and military forces at work in Europe in the late 1800’s. I can list the countries that made up the Triple Entente and Triple Alliance. I can summarize the events that set WWI in motion.

3 Some Background Early 1900s Militarism – Many European countries built up their militaries through help of Industrial Revolution Alliances – Europeans created secret alliances to protect from neighbors that were stockpiling weapons Nationalism – Many Europeans wanted to prove they were the best, even if that meant fighting

4 Some Background (cont’d) Imperialism – Europeans would fight (compete) over taking new colonies Assassination of Franz – When Austrian leader, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, it sets things in motion towards war WWI was all about the MANIA

5 Rising Tensions in Europe The 1900’s started out peacefully Europeans were increasingly arguing over territories and superiority – Nationalism They believed they had to have powerful militaries to protect their colonies and aggression from their neighbors – Imperialism – Militarism

6 Tangled Alliances These tensions created a need for special alliances in case war broke out – Germany feared France Germany united with Austria-Hungary and Italy Known as Triple Alliance – Germany insults Russia Russia unites with France and Great Britain Known as the Triple Entente

7 Crisis in the Balkans

8 Europeans competed for colonies One place was in the Balkans – Home to many different ethnic groups – Did not like Europeans controlling them – Some liked Russia though Austria-Hungary (European) – Young leader, Franz, visits one of these territories in the Balkans – A Serbian assassin kills him and his wife – Austria declares war on Serbia, starting the war!

9 Europe Plunges into War Chapter 13: The Great War Section 2

10 Learning Targets I can describe the reaction to Austria’s declaration of war. I can summarize military events on the Western Front. I can explain the development of the war on the Eastern Front.

11 Some Background By 1914, two major alliances had formed – Triple Entente France, Great Britain, Russia (allied with Serbia) – Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy Once Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia… – Everyone honored their alliances, and war began

12 The Great War Begins When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia – Serbia’s ally, Russia, mobilized its forces on Austria and Germany’s borders Before France could honor its alliance with Russia, Germany declared war on France – Soon Great Britain would honor its alliance with France and Russia by declaring war on Germany Many believed the war would be quick – They were terribly wrong…

13 A Bloody Stalemate The Western Front – Deadlocked region of Northern France – Germans had hoped to defeat the French and British quickly here, and focus on the Russians This failed – Trench Warfare developed Thousands died, and no one really advanced

14 The Battle on the Eastern Front Border of Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany – Russians and Serbs fought Austrians and Germans – A more mobile war – Russia invaded Germany and Austria Soon would be pushed back – Russia tied up Germany on Eastern Front But Russia couldn’t stay in the fight very long

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