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12/16 Focus: Important Terms: Do Now:

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1 12/16 Focus: Important Terms: Do Now:
Advances in weaponry, from improvements to the machine gun and airplane, to the invention of the tank and the use of poison gas, led WWI to be an enormously destructive war between industrialized nations . Important Terms: Trench Warfare, Stalemate, Attrition Do Now: What were the four primary causes of WWI?

2 World War I An Industrialized War

3 The Balkan Powder Keg Serbian nationalists wanted to unite Serbs in the Balkans Create a Slavic state Austria-Hungary opposed this effort Austria- Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina Large number of Serbs Angered Serbian nationalists

4 Boom The Spark Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism
June, 28, 1914: Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, Assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Hungary in Sarajevo Boom The Powder Keg

5 Archduke Franz Ferdinand & His Family

6 The Assassination: Sarajevo

7 The Assassin: Gavrilo Princip

? Great Britain declares war on Germany Germany declares war on Russia ? Russia mobilizes army to the border with A-H Germany declares war on France Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

9 Outbreak of War Austria-Hungary blames Serbia for death of Archduke and makes harsh demands Serbia refused to comply with demands Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia (July ) Russia moves troops to border with Austria and Germany Germany declares war on Russia Germany declares war on France Germany invades Belgium as part of plan to invade France (August 3, 1914) Great Britain declares war on Germany

10 The Schlieffen Plan

11 The Central Powers The Allied Powers Germany Russia Great Britain Austria Hungary France Ottoman Empire United States U.S. joined the war in 1917

12 A Multi-Front War Western Front Eastern Front
Across Belgium and N. France to Swiss border Eastern Front Baltic to Black Sea Africa and the Middle East

13 Trench Warfare Both sides dug deep Trenches along the front Trenches along the front provided protection from bullets and artillery shells Support trenches behind the lines provided first aid, supplies, and headquarters






19 Trench Warfare No Man’s Land Area between Trenches
Military leaders sent “men over the top” in an attempt to take the other sides trenches Men had to cross no man’s land while being shelled and shot at by machine guns

20 Trench Warfare Trenches were dug in a zig-zag pattern so that they could not be easily taken by intruding enemies Aerial view of a trench system(1917)

21 Trench Warfare Each trench had a listening post at the end, where men would sit at night and listen for any sounds.

22 Trench Warfare Flooding was a constant problem and this led to numerous cases of rat infestation

23 Trench Warfare Stalemate
Neither side was able to make any major advances on the enemy trenches lead to fighting a war of attrition Cause large numbers of causalities so the enemy gets tired of fighting

24 New Weapons and Technology
The Machine Gun

25 New Weapons and Technology
Airplanes and Zeppelins

26 The Zeppelin

27 New Weapons and Technology
The Tank



30 New Weapons and Technology
Poison Gas


32 New Weapons and Technology
Submarines (U-Boats)

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