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WWI – The Beginning Chapter 14 Section 1.

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1 WWI – The Beginning Chapter 14 Section 1

2 Starting Point The roots of WWI date back to the 1860’s.
1870, the Prussians had attacked and defeated France. forced the French to give up territory along the German border. 1871, Prussia had united Germany and proclaimed the birth of the German Empire. There were several factors that led to the outbreak of World War One, or as it was known then, the great war…

3 Nationalism Nationalism - feeling of intense pride of one’s homeland, had become a powerful idea in Europe. One of the basic ideas of nationalism is the right to self-determination - the idea that people who belong to a nation should have their own country and government. Among the groups pushing for independence were the Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, and Slovenes.


5 Competition of colonies
Due to Imperialism, European nations had colonies in Africa and Asia Colonies supplied European nations with raw materials

6 Build-up of military might
Nationalism encouraged forces to achieve its goal Germany had best trained army & began to challenge the British navy Advances in technology to fight longer wars

7 The Assassination that started a War
June of 1914 Franz Ferdinand (Prince of Austria Hungary) visited the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. A Bosnian revolutionary name Gavrilo Princip rushed their open car and shot Ferdinand and his wife to death. The assassin was a member of a Serbian nationalist group nicknamed the “Black Hand.”

8 Austria-Hungary believed that Serbia’s government was behind the killing and declared war on them

9 System of Military Alliances
Russia pledged to help Serbia if war broke out France would help Russia Germany would help Austria Hungary Germany invasion of Belgium to get to France led Britain to join forces with France and Russia (Domino Effect)

10 Sides of WWI in 1914 when it began…
Allies - Russia, France and Great Britain, later the United States Central Powers - Austria - Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire.


12 Germany on the Offensive
German troops swept through Belgium and headed into France, driving back the French and British forces. Then Russian troops invaded Germany. Forced to pull some of their troops away from the attack on France and send them east to stop the Russians. This weakened the German forces just enough to give the Allies a chance to stop them.

13 Battle of Marne The Germans drove to w/in 30 miles of Paris, but stubborn resistance by British and French troops finally stopped the German advance. Both sides became locked in a bloody stalemate along hundreds of miles of trenches that would barely change position for the next 3 years.

14 New Weapons of WWI Trench Warfare – A system of open air Tunnels, 6-8 feet deep that extends 450 miles across Belgium, France, to Switzerland Area in between the battle lines were called “no man’s land” Machine guns – pinned men in trenches, grenades, and Poisonous gases – invented by Germans

15 Trench Warfare Reserve Trench Support Trench Firing trench
Cover Trench Communication Trenches x x x x x X x x x x x x x x x x x xx xx xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Barbed Wire No Man’s Land 30yd to 1 mile

16 Flame throwers Tanks – invented by the British Submarines – the German U-boat was the first and ruled the seas

17 Used mainly to observe enemy activities
Fighter planes Used mainly to observe enemy activities This led to air combats - dogfights Aerial bombing in early stages during WWI If you shot down 5 or more planes you were considered an ace. The Red Baron of Germany shot down the most…80


19 QUIZ Name the 3 countries that formed the Triple Entente or Allies
What is the feeling of intense pride of one’s homeland, had become a powerful idea in Europe? Who was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassin? Name the 3 countries that formed the Central Powers? Name 3 Weapons of WWI.

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