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Team R Expectations.

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1 Team R Expectations

2 Eating Breakfast If you are going to eat breakfast at school, you must eat BEFORE you go to homeroom. Please see your homeroom teacher for a breakfast pass if you will be eating breakfast at school. You may NOT drop off your backpack before breakfast – go straight to the cafeteria!

3 Hallway Expectations Quiet in the halls
Only go to lockers during designated times You are not to hang out in the hallways When leaving at the end of the day- NO pushing, running, yelling, etc,. Tiger Ticket will be marked

4 Walking in Line Wait to line up until instructed to do so Walk quietly
Stand directly behind the person in front of you – straight line! Walk to the right Line up outside of each classroom Great time for acting! One foot on the colored strips

5 Restroom and Drink Procedures
Use restroom and drinking fountain during homeroom, lunch, recess, and at the end of day Go quietly to the restroom/fountain Wash your hands with soap Leave the restroom clean Quickly and quietly return to your seat and continue working

6 Media Center Assigned a day and time to go to the media center during language arts classes Must ask to go to library **Can go during homeroom

7 Planners Get in the habit of writing your homework in your planner
Do not need to get planners signed by parents- it is YOUR responsibility Unless teacher requests Missing homework will be written in planners every week

8 Desk Sharing You will be sharing a desk with other students.
Don’t leave personal items in desk. Will cost you a hall pass to get your items back. Name tags and how I set this up is shared on my blog at this link: “Mi casa es su casa” ~ “My house is your house.”

9 Homework Lab Attend homework lab when missing assignments
5 homework labs for the 6 weeks = after school detention You will keep returning to lab until your homework assignment is complete. 1 missed homework lab = 2 homework labs No talking or causing distractions You may NOT go outside when your homework is complete. If you are finished, you may work on other homework assignments or silently read. Look by white board for students who have to attend

10 Recess Stay within the designated areas
Keep hands to yourself – no pushing, jumping on backs, etc. Be considerate of others – take turns Touch football only- no tackle Line up immediately when teachers call you in- straight and silent lines All playground equipment needs to be returned to the bag No electronics Ask a teacher if need to use the restroom- 1 at a time Use restrooms by cafeteria No running on blacktop Leave mulch and snow on the ground

11 Lunch Come in to the lunch room quietly and have a seat- wait for teachers to dismiss tables Stay quiet while eating Raise your hand and wait to be called on if you need to get up Take hall pass when using restroom or getting drink Keep area clean Do not throw things (food, utensils, etc.) Wait for teachers to dismiss Hoppers

12 Hall Passes Use for restroom, drink, forgotten materials.
You need to be prepared for classes. Read the board every morning! 5 total trips per 6 weeks Once you have used all of your passes for the 6 weeks, you will receive Tiger Ticket marks Prize day for students who do not use passes

13 Tiger Tickets 4 strikes per 6 weeks 4th strike = detention
Will be marked for: Excessive talking Throwing materials Disrespecting others’ property or space Disrupting Other behavior concerns Tiger Ticket signed at end of 6 weeks by parents No Tiger Ticket punches and parent signature = PRIZES! (gift cards, snacks, candy, privileges etc.) Check white board in hallway- walk students to look at it?? See materials, duties, every day materials .

14 Pride Cards These cards are distributed to students who demonstrate:
Honesty, responsibility, respect, manners, being about others, integrity, caring, excellence, positive attitude Students will be given a pride card every 6 weeks Teachers will conference with the students who did not earn a card You will have 2 weeks to show us you can earn a pride card Students will evaluate themselves Several incentives: Fun dress up days, treats at lunch, movie passes, small prize days, candy, extra recess, etc. Have a practice at the end the day for the first few weeks … give prizes if needed! 

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