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Classrooms and Library Bathrooms/ Hand Wash Station Cafeteria

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1 What kinds of guidelines do you think are necessary in the following areas on campus?
Classrooms and Library Bathrooms/ Hand Wash Station Cafeteria Before School/After School Hallway/Drinking Fountain Courtyard /Playground During Assemblies

2 Classroom/Library Expectation
Be Safe Walk Use quiet voice Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself Remain in assigned area Keep your area clean and neat

3 Classroom/Library Expectation
Be Responsible Come to class prepared (books, paper, pencil, etc.) Stay in your seat Raise your hand to speak Work quietly Stay on task Finish your work

4 Classroom/Library Expectation
Be Respectful Help others as directed by teacher Follow classroom procedures Respect and listen to others’ opinions and ideas

5 Bathroom/Hand Wash Station Expectations
Be Safe Keep water off the floor and counters Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself Do not climb or look into other stalls (give others privacy) Always wash hands before leaving and throw paper towels into the trash

6 Bathroom/Hand Wash Station Expectations
Be Responsible Go to the bathroom quickly and go back to class Wash your hands Throw paper towels in the trash can

7 Bathroom/Hand Wash Station Expectations
Be Respectful Keep bathroom neat and clean Speak quietly Allow others privacy

8 Cafeteria Expectations
Be Responsible Clean up after yourself Throw all your trash away and at times the trash your peers may have left behind Keep food in the cafeteria and in designated areas

9 Cafeteria Expectations
Be Safe Walk to the cafeteria quietly Form a single line while waiting to be served Sit at your assigned table while eating Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself Throw away your empty food trays and trash

10 Cafeteria Expectations
Be Respectful Use inside voices Do not take or give cuts Don’t forget to THANK the cafeteria ladies

11 Before School/After School
Be Safe Use the crosswalks and watch for moving vehicles in the parking lot Please walk at all times Do not ride your bikes or skateboards on campus Wear your helmets

12 Before School/After School
Be Responsible “Dress Code” compliance at all times Cell phones off, and in your backpack All electronic devices should be left at home

13 Before School/After School
Be Respectful Use appropriate language Use appropriate volume in conversations at school (no yelling) Keep your hands to yourself

14 Hallway/Drinking Fountain Expectations
Be Safe Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself Walk on the right side of the hall Watch where you are going and with your arms at your sides No running and use appropriate voice levels Do not disturb students that are working in the hallway

15 Hallway/Drinking Fountain Expectations
Be Responsible Get to where you are going quickly Have your pass Follow the rules No food or drinks in the buildings except for plain water

16 Hallway/Drinking Fountain Expectations
Be Respectful Speak quietly Walk Let people in the hall do their work Do not knock or look in doors and windows

17 Courtyard/Playground
Be Safe No horseplay at anytime Walk in the courtyard area Sit only on the benches (do not stand on tables and benches) Stay in your designated areas of the playground during lunch and before or after school

18 Courtyard/Playground
Be Responsible Throw your trash or any trash you may see on the ground away Clean up around your table in the courtyard

19 Courtyard/Playground
Be Respectful Treat others the way you want to be treated Report all bullying incidents to an adult immediately Immediately go to your designated area to line-up

20 During Assemblies Be Safe Walk in a straight line to and from
Sit in the designated area, face forward, and put your hands in your lap Follow the directions of the adults Sit quietly and be a good audience No rude comments or gestures

21 During Assemblies Be Responsible Enter and exit quietly and patiently
Immediately go back to class when dismissed from the assembly

22 During Assemblies Be Respectful
Congratulate others when they are presenting or being awarded Make only positive noises –applause (clapping of hands) is appropriate Be silent when someone is speaking or presenting No talking with your neighbors

23 Backpack Expectations
Be Safe Do not leave your backpacks by the classroom doors before, during, or after- school (we are not babysitters of your belongings) Backpacks should be hung on the back of the chair at all times

24 Backpack Expectations
Be Responsible Supervise your backpack at all times Keep your backpack clean and organized Backpacks should have all the necessary materials needed Your materials for the next class should be in your hands and ready for the next period

25 Backpack Expectations
Be Respectful Follow classroom procedures for backpack use during class time/instruction Respect others’ property

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