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S.M.A.R.T Report Card CSC – Digital Marketing Group.

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1 S.M.A.R.T Report Card CSC – Digital Marketing Group

2 There is a massive opportunity to own the Internet with musical instruments. There is an enormous amount of competition and the business is massive. It is clear in the competitive landscape that the only thing that has been done is a website. Nothing in the basics of Social Networking, social media, content sites, authority sites, wiki’s, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, press releases, articles or testimonials have been done. Creating a targeted funnel to route traffic to the businesses website and blog will be easy. As customers look for a instruments, what will they find? The key is to create an online communications solution that works in tandem with your traditional means of client acquisition. Sales and marketing, brand affinity and brand strategy are easy to accomplish online. In our high level S.M.A.R.T. Report Card overview we outline some of the aspects of the industry that we believe are opportunity and some of the ways in which we can surgically define the business as well as catapult the brand online.

3 Search presence – Our finding for the name “Guitar Center” on Google ranks 1st in the organic search. With our online platform we create for you it gives you your online foundation, syndication and other channels to own your industry online. Positive – Your website ranks first in the organic search. Negative – You need more search presence and content.

4 Creating your foundation and funnel



7 Search & Social Marketing vs. your Website

8 The following images show sites or pages linking to your website and very little content or information about you online. This number is very high and indicates the potential strength of the brand online.


10 Social Networking sites – In our findings there is little to no social registry. With a vast amount of social networks there should be presence as well as syndication of all your sites to appeal to the search engines. This creates a customer funnel to your business. Currently there is none. Social networks are highly indexed by the search engines and create a massive search presence for your business. Whether it is for funding, customer acquisition, customer retention, or fund raising there must be a network of syndicated social sites to capture this traffic and to create a movement. In addition, when creating a presence online you want to make it easy for your audience to find you. One of the key ways to do this is to keep a consistent usernames across the Social Networks.

11 Presumers

12 Social & Search Registry We Checked 600 of the top blogs, book marking, photo, video, content, authority and social sites for your name.







19 Content site ranking There is no content site format and zero syndication for media delivery. You haven’t created any content sites. Competitor ranking There are a lot of other companies selling musical instruments. Some of them have a much better position online. However, in the search and social presence many of them have not created much of a diverse web and social presence. We find in this space that the surgical use of the Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies would have massive penetration and potential growth online.

20 Your Website from an SEO Perspective


22 Media Monitoring The current phrase ‘guitar center’ and ‘’ in the media from a content site and social site is virtually non existent. This is a great indicator that a digital media strategy set fourth to own the airwaves will be easy. The industry and surrounding industries around ‘Guitar Center’ are wide open from a brand affinity perspective relevant to metals and parts. The musical instrument business is highly competitive on the Internet and it is easy to develop penetration in these verticals online. Guitar Center can become the recognized brand locally, nationally and globally. A digital media campaign could easily be developed relevant to your products.



25 Overall online presence Our findings are conclusive there is little to no search presence. This presents great opportunity to Guitar Center, especially with regard to setting up your foundation online. Your online foundation will consist of a series of elements, such as social sites, content sites, blog sites, authority sites, and portals to syndicate the funnel to your business. We believe in 6 weeks time we can have all of this done to create a massive presence online

26 In the next several slides we show you the power of keyword and phrase marketing to demonstrate the overwhelming amount of search volume in your industry. Keyword and Phrase Marketing Analysis Guitar Center can be the leader online.






32 In this initial S.M.A.R.T. Report Card outline. We have discovered massive opportunity for Guitar Center in the online sector. There is incredible opportunity for brand equity, brand strategy and brand affinity. We believe in a short period of time this online strategy can bolster the brand recognition through sales, marketing and joint ventures online. Guitar Center can be the leader of instruments and needs to participate in the online world for greater market penetration.

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