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Marketing Communications Services Hayward, WI.

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1 Marketing Communications Services Hayward, WI

2 2013 Digital Landscape  1 billion active monthly Facebook users  1 billion unique monthly YouTube visitors  200 million active Twitter users  Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, 434% more indexed pages.  Age demographics  80% of Linkedin users are 30+  65% of Facebook users are 30+  65% of Pinterest users are 30+  55% of Twitter users are 30+

3 Marketing Today  36% of the average marketing budget is spent on Internet marketing  Websites, banner ads, Pay-Per-Click advertising, social media, email marketing, blogging, etc..  Businesses are using Internet marketing to:  Improve Website search results  Increase brand recognition  Reach more customers  Grow social media profiles  Increase word of mouth and referrals  Competitive necessity and/or advantage depending on the market

4 Services  The “digital age” has changed the way we live and do business today.  Write For You Marketing helps you communicate and engage with your target market through social media, e-mail, and blog marketing.  Social media profile account creation and social profile content management (see samples on next slides)  Content marketing for emails, blogs and traditional print materials like brochures, fliers, print ads, etc…  Measurement tracking  Each of these disciplines work well together to generate more Website traffic, more phone calls, more proposal requests, and more business.

5 Website Example Links to your social media sites Blog navigation to article posts Promote posts with Social Media Strong brand image repeats

6 Facebook Example 50 followers in 1 month Follow me on Twitter and Email list sign-up Strong brand image repeats

7 Twitter Example Strong brand image repeats 41 followers in 1 month

8 Email Marketing Example Promote products, services, specials, events and new capabilities Attention grabbing graphics Engaging content Call to action Links to social media networks Links to Website Join mailing list button Share buttons for easy sharing (not shown) Add “join our list” button to Website home page (not shown) Link to Website Links to social media Link to sign up for email updates

9 Blog Example Be a resource - post blog articles to Website Blogs increase search results, Website visitors and inbound Links to your site. Ask me how this works!

10 Measurement  Review monthly reports and call logs to track:  Website traffic using services like Google Analytics  Social media followers, likes, and comments on posts  How people found you i.e. search engine, customer referral, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), e-mail promotion, Website, Chamber, Yellow Pages, etc...  Use reporting to tweak the program and focus energy on what’s most effective

11 Next Steps  Contact me for a Free marketing consultation today, to review your Website branding and social media profiles (if you have them).  Once we identify your focus areas, I’ll provide a proposal for services that will maximize your marketing exposure.  Office: 715.634.0433 / Cell: 715.558.1555  Email:  Web:  Follow me on Twitter:  Follow me on Facebook:  Follow me on Pinterest:

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