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Accelerated Marketing Techniques and Proven Results Kevin Oldham VP – United Country Marketing Services.

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1 Accelerated Marketing Techniques and Proven Results Kevin Oldham VP – United Country Marketing Services

2 Convey an opportunistic (urgent) message to buyers Channel buyer attention to a central source Drive buyers to the auction Convert bidders to buyers Sell the property Build your internal buyer database for remarketing Increase your company’s brand awareness Goals and Benefits of Auction Marketing


4 89% 2010 NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers

5 Very Useful Somewhat UsefulNot Useful Did not use/Not Available Photos85%14%1% Detailed information about properties for sale831611 Virtual tours612756 Real estate agent contact information453510 Interactive maps43351012 Neighborhood information404398 Pending sales/contract status333516 Detailed information about recently sold properties30391615 Information about upcoming open houses21342223 Value of Website Features

6 Once You Have Their Attention, Stay in Touch 69% of Internet buyers said response time was extremely important. 83% of those buyers chose email as their favored communication method with a sales agent. 0% chose "in person.” Internet buyers: –Research 4.8 weeks before engaging vs. 1.7 weeks traditional = They are Educated –Bought in 2.2 weeks vs. 7.1 weeks traditional = They are ready to Purchase –Previewed 6.6 properties, vs.15.4 properties traditional = They are more Intentional


8 Generate Demand Generate Demand Increase Sales Increase Profits Increase Sales Increase Profits Capture Customer Information Capture Customer Information Search Engines Social Networks Online Classified Ads Video Marketing Online Auctions Email Marketing Banner Ads Website listings Digital PR Blogs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform Property Specific Site Company Web Site Company Web Site Call Form Chat Call Form Chat Convert Demand Convert Demand Sales Process


10 Tens of thousands of different ways people express what they are looking for Thousands use slightly different phrases In volume, these thousands of lesser known terms represent a massive opportunity. Keyword Discovery

11 Identify relevant search terms so that you can attract volume where there is little competition. Put yourself in buyers’ shoes from a search perspective Keyword Discovery

12 EXAMPLE: Lake Travis Lake Front Lots Vs. Lake Travis Real Estate

13 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the natural or un-paid (organic) search results.

14 On-page optimization –Keywords Quality link building –Link relevance –Link strength –Trusted source Use White Hat techniques vs. Black Hat techniques Search Engine Optimization

15 A form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

16 Search Engine Marketing Front page for relevant search terms More search phrases = more exposure Monitor bounce rates Target less competitive search terms Monitor budget closely Google AdWords free tutorials

17 Online Video Marketing Major video sites where prospects search Create a channel for your company Excellent link building tactic Free Online Video Creators:

18 Social Networks Targeted ads on Facebook Geography Age Profession Interest Anything we tell Facebook User friendly interface

19 Online Classified Networks & Directories Local/national property search directories and networks Search in your area for “(your area) online classifieds” Don’t over post Use multiple e-mail accounts to post ads in other markets Change ad content and headline

20 Blog Commenting Seek out relevant blogs and forums for your specialty area Become an active participant Position yourself as a SME Light on selling / heavy on providing value Avoid simple posts Link back to your website

21 E-mail Marketing Consistent email to: Real estate agents Buyers Sphere of Influence Confidentials Build your own opt-in list Read up on best practices

22 Link Building Strategies Online video Articles Blog commenting Active Rain outreach

23 Leading commercial property website pumps to over 250 sites Listing Syndication


25 Listing Syndication Tips Include as many images as possible Link back to your site Be as descriptive as possible Leverage relevant keywords Make it easy for buyers to connect Search for the type of property you are selling in Google –Identify top-performing websites – to evaluate a site’s traffic


27 Office Website

28 SEO Landing Pages

29 Lead capture


31 Track progress and report regularly Website analytics to client Document incoming lead sources Adjust as needed


33 Auction Post Analysis Reports



36 Accelerated Marketing Techniques and Proven Results Kevin Oldham VP – United Country Marketing Services

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