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Top management jobs BP-Centro Finland Erno Karpoff 23.06.2005.

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1 Top management jobs BP-Centro Finland Erno Karpoff 23.06.2005

2 Top management positions CEO Finance manager HR manager Marketing manager Operations manager

3 Key assignments of the CEO Two different fields –Establishment of the Finnish subsidiary of BPC from scratch –Ongoing operations in the whole North East region

4 Establishment of a Finnish subsidiary At the beginning (BPC expansion to Finland) CEO and the HQ are also handling the tasks that belong to the middle management (supporting teams/national director) Once middle management teams have been established, the HQ / CEO will concentrate only in strategic issues, planning and general guidance

5 Establishment of a Finnish subsidiary / Key Duties –Communicate with UK head quarters –Build the BP organization and HQ organization in Finland –Analyze of market conditions in Finland –Select location –Design and customize the proposed business format –Organize construction contracts, selection of the contractor(s) –Supervise the build-up process

6 CEO’s On-going activities –Communication with UK head quarters –Accountability to all BPC activities in the North-East region –Conducting monthly, quarterly, and ad-hoc analysis of BPC performance in the North-East region –Driving maximum product penetration and profitability through analysis –Strategic planning –Supervision and management of HQ –Selection of foreign region managers

7 Key requirements of the CEO Master’s or doctoral degree Minimum 10 to 15 years of experience, of which minimum of five years as executive manager of a major corporation or equivalent organization Experience in organization creation, strategic planning and leadership  Experience in market entry processes, subsidiary/company establishing Extensive knowledge of Finnish market and knowledge of Finnish language, preferably a Finnish national Ability to effectively communicate in English (concern language), knowledge of other languages (Russian, Baltic languages) desirable but not necessary Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills Exceptional people development and management skills

8 Finance manager – key responsibilities Manage and supervise the operations of the finance department Plan the financial operations, delegate related assignments and determine financial goals Design a reliable cash flow projection process and related reporting mechanisms Propose budget for annual and monthly operations Coordinate the annual audit and prepare the annual financial report Conduct detailed financial analyses Ensure balance of the company’s financial structure Report to the CEO about the company’s financial performance

9 Finance manager – key requirements Master’s Degree in Finance Minimum of 3-5 years experience in finance functions Fluent written and spoken English and Finnish required, Russian and/or Baltic languages skills useful Good communications skills Enthusiastic, learning attitude Experience of budgeting activities

10 HR manager - key responsibilities Design staffing, recruiting, training and compensation programs and systems Actively participate in administrative staff meetings, co- operate with all the top managers Implement and annually update training and compensation programs Develop and supervise performance assessment program Design, consult, and implement personnel policies and procedures Advice CEO of improvements of policies, procedures, and practices on human resource matters

11 HR manager – key requirements Master's degree in Human Resource management or related field Five years of managerial and supervisory experience in personnel management Excellent interpersonal skills Ability to strategic thinking Fluency in Finnish and English, Russian and Baltic language skills are beneficial

12 Marketing manager – key responsibilities Create annual marketing plan Decide of the allocation of the marketing budget Organize and evaluate the use of selected marketing tools Delegate the marketing assignments Organize and supervise marketing projects Estimate the demand for products and services Develop pricing strategies Forecast future market trends

13 Marketing manager – key requirements Master’s Degree Minimum of 3-5 years experience in marketing functions Fluent written and spoken English and Finnish required, Russian and Baltic language skills beneficial Good negotiation and communications skills. Creative and artistic personality

14 Operations manager – key responsibilities Oversee the schedule and performance of the operations – responsible for the organizational flow Correct and examine possible flaws in the schedules and operations Report monthly budget use to the financial manager Plan and schedule the daily, weekly and monthly logistics operations Keep up knowledge of current tariffs, customs’ duties and logistics costs Maintain competitive contracts with transport companies Support the projected expansion in Finland, the Baltics and Russia Set performance goals for each facilities and oversee Support the operations in facility level in order to achieve the short- term and long-term strategic goals

15 Operations manager – key requirements Master’s Degree Minimum of 5 years experience in management functions Good people skills, and efficient attitude combined with the ability to motivate and inspire subordinates. Fluent written and spoken English and Finnish required, Baltic languages and or Russian skills are advantage

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