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TEAM 5 Operations Management Staffing

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1 TEAM 5 Operations Management Staffing
Johanna Kallio Patrik Louko Maija Nurmi Juha Perälampi

2 Agenda Organizational structure Job descriptions Job enrichment
regional manager facility manager assistant facility manager Job enrichment Conclusion

3 Organizational Chart

4 Regional Organization

5 Personnel Needs Title Regional Manager 4 Facility Manager 100
Assistant Facility Manager 600 Total Personnel Needs 704

6 Regional Manager Responsibilities
Co-operates with other regional managers Reports to the country VP Supervises facility managers Manages the regional budget Organizes area development/activities

7 Regional Manager Requirements
Bachelor’s degree 5+ years of experience in management positions Knowledge of logistics and marketing would be considered as an advantage Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

8 Regional Manager Requirements
Fluent in English and Finnish Willingness to travel Ability to work under pressure Good computer skills Flexibility and commitment to the corporate vision

9 Facility Manager Responsibilities
Implements strategies created by upper management Reports to regional manager Evaluates outsourcing needs

10 Facility Manager Responsibilities
Supervises the work of subordinates Organizes and maintains public relations at the local level Controls quality and compliance to corporate standards at the facility

11 Facility Manager Requirements
Bachelor’s degree Emphasis on prior work experience Knowledge of the service industry Fluent Finnish, moderate skills in English Ability to work individually and in a team

12 Assistant Facility Manager Responsibilities
Reports daily to facility manager Available on site 24h Oversees quality of franchisees Handles all the emergency situations Takes care of maintenance and repairs

13 Assistant Facility Manager Requirements
Polytechnic Some previous work experience in services Technical and computer skills Fluent Finnish and moderate skills in English Self-motivation and ambition

14 Job Enrichment Work performed in three shifts
Activities to promote team spirit “Facility of the Year” Possibility to advance through corporate training programs

15 Conclusion Middle management is divided into three different job levels Regional Manager (4) Facility Manager (100) Assistant Facility Manager (600) Middle managers are responsible for day to day operations and decision making at the local level

16 Conclusion Increased motivation and work ethic through job enrichment

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