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Technology of the 1950’s Men’s Women’s Children’s Everyone By: Stephanie Gentile.

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1 Technology of the 1950’s Men’s Women’s Children’s Everyone By: Stephanie Gentile

2 Technology for Men Men didn’t really have any breakthrough technology around the house, but there were inventions that helped them to make their jobs more efficient. Liquid Ink Copy Machines were invented in the 1950’s. Copy Machines enabled men to make copies of documents they needed for work. In 1956, the first computer hard disk was used. It was used to save more data on their computer and was useful for their jobs.

3 Technology for Women Electric Can Opener The Can Opener had been previously invented, but had went through some changes for the better. The electric can opener was introduced in the late 1950’s and was a success. Washing Machine The first washing machine was made in 1927, but it had a lot of problems, like shredding clothes In the early 1950’s is when they became more well known GE introduced a washing machine that had 5 push buttons to control wash temperature, rinse temperature, agitation speed and spin speed in 1957.

4 Technology for Women cont. Dishwasher The first dishwasher was invented in 1850. It was a wooden machine with a hand-turned wheel that splashed water on dishes. Dishwashers used to be too big to fit into homes and were only used in hotels and restaurants. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when dishwashers became less expensive and a more usable size for the general public. For more about the dishwasher, click hereclick here Microwave Oven The microwave oven was created accidentally by Percy Spencer in 1946 by having a bar of chocolate in his pocket and it melting when he was standing next to a magnetron. After careful experiments Percy created the microwave oven in 1953.

5 Technology for Children During the war, toy companies made supplies for the war. So when the war was over, companies had plenty of ideas to be shared. Silly Putty was created in 1949 and soon over 30 million were sold. Also in that year, Lego was introduced. Boy’s favorite toys in the 1950’s were Matchbox cars which were invented in 1954. For girls, hula hoops were the fad in the 1958, but Barbies soon took their attention in 1959. Click HereClick Here to see the first Barbie commercial EVER!

6 Technology for Everyone The first 3-D movie, Bwana Devil, came out in 1952 and the whole family could enjoy a new way to watch movies. Televisions made it big in the 1950’s. A study was taken and on average, kids 10-16 watched TV for six hours a day. That was about how long you spent a day at school! To learn about more technology for everyone, click hereclick here

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