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Our Memories of Rockin’ Around the Clock with Mr. Parsons By Mrs. Gass and her 2 nd Grade Class.

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2 Our Memories of Rockin’ Around the Clock with Mr. Parsons By Mrs. Gass and her 2 nd Grade Class

3 12 The concert was really fun. I bet it would be really fun if I was an Elvis but I was shy. At least I sang. We had so much fun I was excited. We had to standup all the time. We didn’t have to sit but our legs got tired then we wanted to sit. We sat on the bus and when we got off my legs were still tired and I bet you’re feet would be tired too. I liked all of the songs. I had fun too. Hula Hooping By Veronica The best time in the concert was the Hula Hoop Contest. When I was on the stage I was excited to hula hoop. For my birthday I got a hula hoop so I can practice hula hooping. I was smiling the whole time. When everyone was done the people in the audience started to clap. I absolutely love hula hooping. Concert By Alec

4 34 Music Concert By Mikayla My concert was about the 1950’s. My favorite part was when I played an instrument and I played the caterpillar. We sang songs. They are Purple People Eater and the Hula-Hoop song, an Elvis medley Rock Around the Clock, Do Re Mi and Wacky Do Re Mi mixed up version, and The Thing. That’s all I can think of. My mom was there and my sister. I wanted my brother to come but he was at school. I loved my concert. My Concert By Ethan My concert was about the 1950s where cool people were a live like peanuts, Elvis, and some great songs. We also got to dress like 1950s kids! And that was way cool and boys got to wear white tee shirts. My favorite song was Rock Around the Clock and the Elvis songs and Splish Splash. The one I liked was everything; the Elvis contest, the Hula Hoop contest, and the songs from the 1950s were the best. And that was my concert!

5 56 In the concert I played an instrument. The instrument was called a scraper. I was embarrassed when I walked down the risers. It was fun to play the scraper. It was very noisy when everybody played their instruments. It was fun to play an instrument. I had a wonderful time at my concert! I had a wonderful time performing for every parent. My favorite song from the 1950s was Rock Around the Clock. Mr. Parsons had to go back to school for something so Elvis Parsons took over. It was really Mr. Parsons. My mom’s favorite song was Splish Splash. There were Elvis’ on the stage. I had a wonderful time doing the concert for all of our parents ! The Concert By Brady The Concert By Kathryn

6 78 Concert By Landon I got on the bus to get to the concert to sing. There were Elvis’s dancing and hula hoopers. We sang Rock Around the Clock and other songs too. My mom saw me singing there. I had fun singing. Mr. Parsons was a good teacher. He’s a cool teacher and the music was loud. Here is a song. Splish Splash was my favorite song. That was my best day ever. The Concert By Ashley B In the concert we sang a lot of songs. The funniest thing was the Elvis dancer. My most favorite song was the Hula Hoop. And the funniest thing was the hula-hoop people because they drop the hula-hoop. The Elvis’ were the funniest thing it knocked my socks off.

7 910 The Concert By Andrew I just loved the concert. I had a lot of fun. The songs were fantastic. But my Mom and me are wondering how Mr. Parsons got the DO RE ME song to mix. It must have been hard. The Elvis contest was a lot of fun. I was in it too. My favorite song was the DO RE ME, WACKY DO RE ME MIX. Thank you!!! I really liked to go to the concert and sing. What I liked the best was the hula-hoop contest and the hand motions. I think that the easiest songs were the Elvis songs and the hula hoop song. I think that the hardest songs was The Purple People Eater and the mix Do Re Me and Wacky Do Re Me. Performing at the high school was very weird because at the high school people look in the auditorium and there is no bar behind you and there are four steps at the high school. At Ivan Green School there are three steps, there is a bar behind you and no body looks in the Gym. I think that all of the practice at Ivan Green School was really good for all of the second grades and I think that practicing at the High school was a good idea. I think that my favorite songs were the Hula-Hoop, The Purple People Eater and Rock Around the Clock. I really liked the singing and I really liked the concert. The Concert By Haley

8 1112 The Best Concert By Matthew At the concert on May 15 th we sang a lot of songs and it was hard. People were watching us. There were 6 classes that were singing. The first song was Rock Around the Clock. Then it was The Thing, The Flying Purple People Eater, and The Sound of Music, last was Can You Move Like Elvis. My favorite song was The Sound of Music. There were 2 songs mixed. People were Elvis’s and people were doing the hula-hoop contest. I wasn’t in any of them. People in my class were doing the hula-hoop contest. Other people in my class were being Elvis. I was standing on the bottom step. Mr. Parsons was the conductor. His cousin Elvis Parsons came. In the song The Thing, people were playing instruments at this part, !!! making loud noises. At the song Rock Around the Clock every body touched their knees. We did hand signs for the songs. That was the best concert that I ever had! On May 15, 2007 we had a concert. The first song was Splish Splash.The next song was The Thing. A few kids from each class had to play an instrument. I played the cowbell. The next song was The Hula Hoop song. We had hula hoopers. After that we sang The Flying Purple People Eater. We had to do sign language. Then we sang some Elvis songs. We had kids being Elvis. Then the last song was the Do Re Mi Mix. That song was a very hard song. Then we went back to school. It was a good concert. The Concert by Spencer K.

9 1314 Being in the Hula Hoop Contest By Sofia It was fun being in the hula-hoop contest. I had a good time hula hoping while I was listening to the hula-hoop song. I also liked watching the other kids hula-hoop and not dropping the hula- hoop once. My favorite part in the hula- hoop contest was listening to the hula- hoop song and spinning the hula-hoop round and round trying not to drop it. It was fun being in the hula-hoop contest I had a good time. One morning when I got to school that day was our concert. We all sang a song together and our parents were watching us sing. We were going to sing songs together for the concert. We had to sing very loud so all the audience could hear us. And we had to do a lot of singing for the audience in the concert. We had to sing a lot of funny songs like the Purple People Eater and the Wacky Do Re Mi. I love my music teacher Mr. Parsons for everything he does for us in music. The CONCERT By Ashley

10 1516 The concert The Concert By Mandel On the day of the concert the songs I liked were the Wacky Do Re Mi and the Do Re Mi and another song I liked is Hound Dog. The instruments were loud. The clothes they wore in 1950 looked good. In 1950 Elvis must have been very popular. In the high school the lights were in my eyes and it was fun. The song the Wacky Do Re Mi and Do Re Mi was the hardest songs. The Elvis song was the easiest. I enjoyed watching the hula-hoopers. I enjoyed watching the Elvis’. I loved the concert. We sang lots of songs. My favorite song was Wacky Do Re Me. My concert was on May 15 th. Did you know all the songs are stories? All the songs were funny to me. I like when Mr. Parsons was trying to be Elvis. The concert was great!!! My Concert By Isabell

11 17 18 Concert By Ronnie In my concert at the high school I was a little nervous at first. The hardest song was do re mi from the sound of music and wacky do re mi. My concert was on May 15 th. When we got there it was very noisy. My favorite song was rock around the clock. The concert was GREAT!!!! On May 15 we had our concert. I did the Hula-hoop. The people from our class that did the hula-hoop were Jasmine, Sofia and Veronica. Veronica had 0 and Sofia had 0 too and I had 4. We had fun at the concert. We had to sing the Do Re Mi. Some people in Miss Smith’s class played with the instruments. Andrew and Spencer W were Elvis. Mr. Parsons’ cousin came in to say hello to us. He was funny. We had fun at the concert. The Concert By Jasmine

12 20 21 The Concert By Annaleaha The concert was exciting because I liked the instruments. The instruments were all different noises. The instruments were kind of cool. Then when the instrument players played I wanted to play. Then it was the hula-hoop song. I liked that song.Then it was the Elvis songs. I liked that too. Then it was the Purple People Eater song. I loved that. Then it was Splish Splash. It was funny. I liked the Wacky Do Re Me song. I loved the regular Do Re Me song. It was fun. The Concert By Brandon It was fun being Elvis Presley. It was kind of embarrassing to dance like Elvis because there were so many people watching. My favorite song was Wacky Do Re Me. I liked S plish Splash and The Purple People Eater songs too. I liked the concert.

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