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Entertainment for kids in the 1950’s Work Cited Rachel Grubbs Pd.5b.

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1 Entertainment for kids in the 1950’s Work Cited Rachel Grubbs Pd.5b

2 The Hula Hoop More than 100 million Hula Hoop's in the 1 st 12 months on the market. The 1 st hula hoop was made in 1950s, but people were making hula hoops from grape vines and stiff grasses all over the ancient world. – More than three thousand years ago, children in Egypt played with large hoops of dried grapevines.

3 Etch-A-Sketch The screen’s reverse side is coated with a mixture of aluminum powder and plastic beads. When the stylus moves, it scrapes the screen leaving the line you see.

4 Disneyland Started out to only be 8 acres. – Now it is 160 acres. This park cost 17,000,000 dollars to build! 10 years after the park open there was 50 million people came though the opening gates. To find out more about Disneyland click the link below: – yland/history.html yland/history.html

5 Matchbox Cars The makers were heating plastic and trying to make a toy gun and they ended up making a toy car. They were called matchbox cars because the boxes they come in looks like a box of matches. 50 million cars a year were made each year.

6 TV Shows Mickey Mouse Club – Created by Walt Disney – Everyday on the show was a theme like: Monday was who, what, why, where, when, and how Tuesday was let’s go Wednesday was a surprise Thursday was discovery Friday was show time – Click the like below to hear the Alma Mater

7 TV Shows (cont.) Howdy Doody – This show was the 1 st show to be played in color – It ran on TV five days a week – There were only 20,000 American homes that had a TV

8 Play-doh Over 2 million cans of play-doh was made 1956 Over 100,000 people voted and the winners were rose red, purple paradise, blue lagoon, and garden green with many close runners-up to be sure.

9 Barbie Barbie was invented in 1959 There are more than one billion Barbie's are sold today. There are more than 100,000 collectors of Barbie today. – For more information, click on the site below:

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