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Technology of the 1950’s Daily tools Appliances Toys Daily Technology.

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1 Technology of the 1950’s Daily tools Appliances Toys Daily Technology

2 Toys

3 David Warren worked for the Aeronautical Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia. He was involved in the investigation of the worlds first jet-powered aircraft crashing. Used to make logs of Airline flights. Can store up to 4 hours of speech before an accident occurs. Click here for the full Black Box Flight Recorder

4 Daily Tech

5 The Weber grill was invented in 1920 when George Stephen, Sr. got frustrated with his uncontrollable open flame grill. He set out to make a grill that would cook in any weather and had a more stable flame. His inventions revolutionized the grilling industry and laid the groundwork for the modern day grills that we use today. The Weber Grill

6 The T-93 Toast-R-Oven was invented in 1956 by GE. This appliance was great for those in a hurry. By the end of the 1950’s most households had a toaster oven. First Toaster Oven

7 Appliances

8 Fully automatic combo washer and dryer First put on the market in Saved space and was more convenient. Popular in households as well as public places to do your laundry.

9 Daily tools

10 The barcode The barcode revolutionized the industry It was used to find the price and information about an item. Today it is used by stores everywhere and was arguably the best invention of the 1950’s. The barcode was created by Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver on October 7 th, More information on the barcode

11 Credit card Credit cards were used exclusively for different establishments in the early years of its creation. Places like restaurants, department stores, and gas stations. Today most people use a credit card to purchase something they cannot afford at the time or just use it for the convenience of not having to carry bills. Frank X McNamara created the 1 st modern day credit card. It was accepted by about 14 restaurants in New York city. Frank X McNamara First modern card

12 Super Glue Super glue is a high stick adhesive that bonds to the surface that is applied to. Invented in 1951 by Dr. Fred Joyner. Was first sold In 1958 by the Eastman company. Original named Compound 910 but was later changed to superglue.

13 Mr. Potato Head was ones of the most popular toys of the 1950’s When it 1 st came out it cost $1 and came with around 30 pieces. First toy to be advertised on television. Play-Doh was originally manufactured to be a wallpaper cleaner. It was sold as a modeling clay in 1956 and was very popular among children.

14 The Frisbee The rubber and perfected Frisbee were invented in the early 1950’s by Wham-O The Frisbee was arguably the most used toy in the 1950’s. Today the Frisbee is still popular and is used for recreation and competitive sports Wham-O Frisbee

15 Roll Easy Vacuum Much easier then the traditional drag around vacuum cleaner. Invented in 1954 and introduced to the market in You never have to lift the vacuum to move it (unless it gets stuck). Demonstration !!!

16 Color TV Invented in 1950 First U.S. color telecast. On June 25, million sets in existence Out of those only 2 dozen could receive CBS in color.

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