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50’s Technology Alan-Michael Wisniewski Planes Television Radio’s Music Fashion Phonograph 195219541953195219571952.

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1 50’s Technology Alan-Michael Wisniewski Planes Television Radio’s Music Fashion Phonograph 195219541953195219571952

2 Pocket Radio Everyone had to have one, they could finally listen to radios without everyone having to hear to what they were listening to. The Regency TRI, was the first built pocket radio. It weighed 12 ounces. About 100,000 were sold that year at $49.95 Click here for more information:

3 Television with Color In 1951 "I Love Lucy," a half- hour filmed TV sitcom, is born. The show, unlike the live TV productions typical of the time, ranks No. 1 in the nation for four of its first six full seasons. In 1953 half of Americans have T.V. It was also the same year the T.V. went to color. The television was the newest and best way for businesses to advertise. I Love Lucy 1950's TV show and if you click on the picture it shows a commercial about I love Lucy and a new way to advertise.

4 Planes Jet passenger travel began in the 50s. The De Havilland Comet (top) was the World's first jet airliner. First scheduled service began on May 2 nd 1952, between London and Johannesburg. People could now get around faster and easier with planes reaching speeds up to 500 mph. For more information go to: Click That

5 Downfall of Planes In 54, crashes started to happen, and flights came to a sudden halt with the planes not being able to withstand constant air pressure. Later that year, they fixed the issue but now people could not afford the ride. To fix the problem they reduced fare for reduced service. Planes were a great success for the 50’s. This too!!!

6 Music The birth of Rock n’ Roll with the great Elvis Presley coming into the scene. Elvis was a great hit to the teenagers of the era, to where everyone had to be listening to the great Elvis. Elvis brought not only new music to the picture, but a new sense of style was now here. Click Elvis to watch him to Jailhouse rock

7 Fashion Grease the movie shows the way people dressed and looked in the 1950’s, although the movie was not produced until the 70’s. The boys wore leather jackets and jeans. Girls in cardigans and skirts with lots of petticoats. At the dance, an almost strapless dress and a nice dress suit.

8 Phonograph The phonograph was a way of playing music in the 50’s. The phonograph also became very popular due to the new sense of style in the late 50’s. Because of this feature the Lenco became popular at the end of the 1950s with dancing schools, because the dancing instructor could lead the dancing exercises at different speeds. To lean more about the phonograph click:

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