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Technology of the 1950s Booming Childrens Toys Around the House The 1950s Kitchen TVs Hottest Years.

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1 Technology of the 1950s Booming Childrens Toys Around the House The 1950s Kitchen TVs Hottest Years

2 o The 50s had a lot of major inventions that we still use to this day in our everyday lives. o Some of these inventions include: The remote control Back in the 50s, it plugged into the TV. Super glue Saran wrap TV dinners Liquid paper (or we know it as white out) o Other inventions did not carry out as popular such as: Bubblegum flavored cigars Portable sauna

3 Booming Childrens Toys o A lot of popular toys today got their start in the 50s. o Boys toys would include: Electric trains Comic books Manual scooters Small green army men Legos Matchbox cars Tonka trucks Baseball cards o Girls toys would include: Paper dolls Hula hoops Barbie took off in the 50s Jacks with the ball

4 Booming Childrens Toys Contd o There were a lot of toys for girls and boys. These would include toys such as: Silly putty Pogo sticks Mr. Potato Heads Slinky Record players Frisbees Ant Farms Playdoh

5 The 1950s Kitchen o The 1950s kitchen was the center of the home. o The floors usually consisted of either wood planks or linoleum tiles. The retro floors consisted of black and white or red and white checkered linoleum tiles. o Counter tops were made of laminate material with curved edges. The laminate was often patterned with boomerang designs. The edge around the countertop was usually a shiny chrome banding. o Cabinets were usually wood or plastic. o They had laminate, round tables with a chrome metal banding and chrome legs. o The colors were usually bright and vibrant. The most popular colors were: Green Pink Aqua Orange

6 The 1950s Kitchen Contd o The appliances around the kitchen consisted of: Egg poacher Pressure cooker Food mixer Refrigerators (ice box) Washing machine They didnt have a separate room for laundry like we do now. Vacuum They kept their vacuums and other cleaning supplies in a closet in the kitchen. Coffee makers Stainless steel appliances Stoves Sinks Refrigerators

7 o The first color television was invented in 1950s. Was not popular in households due to extremely high prices and lack of broadcast. There were few color programs on TV. o Color televisions in a household were extremely rare. Usually only wealthy families were fortunate enough to have color televisions. o Some models of televisions were: 1951 Philco 12 inches. 1956 Emerson Portable Not as portable as played out to be. Weighed 24lbs. Has an AM radio 1957 RCA 8 inches. Televisions Hottest Years

8 o !957 GE Portable 9 inches Metal body 13 pounds o 1958 RCA Color TV 27 inches o 1959 Silvertone Suburbanite Constructed with fiberglass. (very high tech at the time) Suburbanite is the 1950s Jetsons style. Televisions Hottest Years

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