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The Young Nation 1789-1801 Washington through Adams.

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2 The Young Nation 1789-1801 Washington through Adams

3 George Washington’s Presidency 1789-1797 A REAL American Hero….. Inauguration

4 Events at Home  Washington’s Cabinet: Creation of Three Executive departments: – State: foreign affairs; headed by Thomas Jefferson – Treasury: money; headed by Alexander Hamilton – War: defense; -headed by Henry Knox

5 More Events at Home  Judiciary Act of 1789 created the Supreme Court & other Federal Courts

6 Yes, Even More Events at Home  Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan – created protective tariffs to promote industry – established the National Bank to provide the nation with stable currency – created an excise tax on whiskey to raise revenue

7 No More Events at Home, After This One  Whiskey Rebellion – Farmers in western Pennsylvania refused to pay the federal excise tax on whiskey and attacked tax collectors. Washington made 15,000 militia men into federal troops and put down the rebellion. As a result, the Federal government showed its new power.

8 Foreign Affairs….  Neutrality Act of 1793 – The United States would not get involved in a war between the French and the British but * Jay’s Treaty – settled some differences with Britain, pro-British Neutrality Genet

9 Ok, I lied, but this is really the last event at home  Washington’s Farewell Address (1797) – George Washington’s final advice to the United States was that the US should (a) be neutral (b) remain united (c) avoid permanent alliances (d) not have political parties

10 Political Parties First Political Parties FederalistsDemocratic- Republicans LeadersJohn Adams and Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson National Govt Believed in a strong national government Believed in a weak national government EconomyIndustrial economyAgricultural economy SupportersBankers and business interests in the Northeast. Farmers, artisans, and frontier settlers in the South Dinner smackdown

11 John Adams’s Presidency (1797 --1801) In the election of 1796, John Adams defeated Thomas Jefferson for the presidency, and Jefferson became the vice-president.

12 Adams had Issues  Alien and Sedition Acts (1798) – The President could imprison or deport aliens (citizens of other countries). People who wrote anything of “a scandalous and malicious nature” against the government could be imprisoned. *Used to silence critics of the Federalist party (i.e. the Democratic- Republicans) * John Adams Sedition Acts

13 Adams has Issues  The Virginia and Kentucky Resolves Virginia and Kentucky declare the Alien and Sedition Acts “null” because they violated the Bill of Rights

14 You’re gone before we knew you…. Election of 1800 John Adams (Federalist) -v- Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republicans) The election of 1800, won by Jefferson, was the first presidential election in which power was peacefully transferred from one party to another.

15 Jefferson as President Democratic-Republican – Small government – Pays off debt But when opportunity knocks….. – Louisiana Purchase in 1803 Louisiana Purchase in 1803 – 3 cents an Acre!?! – Doubled the size of the United States overnight – Explorers: Lewis and Clark – Shoshone guide: Sacajawea

16 Project Due Wed Nov 6 th (B) – Thurs Nov 7 th (A) Read the article + one other source, answer a few questions, write a paragraph, complete a map. Your first grade of the new quarter! (60 pts)

17 Clips: Neutrality – Genet – e=related Ham v Jeff at dinner – related Burning of washington – from 4:50 –

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