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Why was Washington reluctant about being president?

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1 Why was Washington reluctant about being president?

2 He had to set a precedent for all future presidents and turn the Constitution into a real working government.

3 Washington chose this person to be his financial advisor.

4 Alexander Hamilton

5 This group of congressmen felt war was necessary in order for the US to gain respect.

6 War Hawks

7 This act spelled out the details of the Supreme Court system

8 Judiciary Act of 1789

9 Impressment

10 The forced capture of people to serve in the military (done by the British)

11 This machine helped Jacobins carry out the Reign of Terror

12 Guillotine

13 This man was killed as a result of a dual

14 Hamilton

15 When it came to affairs in Europe, Washington decided to claim ________________ in order to protect American interests

16 neutrality

17 What was the significance of Marbury v. Madison?

18 The case established the principle of JUDICIAL REVIEW (the Supreme Court’s power to decide if a law is constitutional)

19 Who wrote out National Anthem?

20 Francis Scott Key

21 This battle was fought after the official end of the War of 1812.

22 Battle of New Orleans

23 The XYZ affair led to an __________________ war between the United States and ________

24 Undeclared; France

25 After purchasing the Louisiana territory from this country, the size of the U.S. doubled

26 France

27 This document gave the United States the right to ship goods on the Mississippi River

28 Pinckney’s Treaty

29 This woman served as guide and interpreter for Lewis and Clark

30 Sacajewea

31 This person became the Federalist president in 1796

32 John Adams

33 Stalemate

34 A draw

35 What area of concern does the department of state deal with?

36 Foreign affairs

37 Who was elected VP in 1796? What party did he belong to?

38 Jefferson; Republican

39 _______________ developed a plan to pay back the nation’s debt

40 Hamilton

41 This law allowed the president to deport of imprison foreigners

42 Alien Act

43 ___________________ put an end to the fighting in the War of 1812 but it didn’t change any _______________

44 Treaty of Ghent; problems (issues)

45 Excise tax

46 A tax on the sale or production of a certain good

47 armistice

48 A complete stop in fighting

49 This event was sparked by the implementation of an excise tax

50 Whiskey Rebellion

51 What are the two states that nullified the Sedition Act?

52 Virginia and Kentucky

53 Under Pinckney’s Treaty, ___________ gave America access to the ________________

54 Spain; Mississippi River

55 What role did Jefferson play in Washington’s cabinet?

56 Secretary of State

57 Judicial Review

58 The power of the Supreme Court to decide if a law is constitutional

59 What future president gained national attention because of the Battle of New Orleans?

60 Jackson

61 Explain the significance of the election of 1800

62 Power changed hands peacefully – (Federalist  Republican)

63 What messages did Washington include in his farewell address?

64 Stay neutral Stay unified (no political parties) Follow the Constitution

65 Federalists vs. Rebublicans

66 Federalist National bank Majority of power in Federal government Supported business and manufacturing Hamilton Loose interpretation of the Constitution Republicans No National bank Majority of power in state governments Supported farmers and common people Jefferson Strict interpretation of the Constitutiom

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