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PRESENTATION March 2006 CANADIAN RED CROSS Our Mission To improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around.

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3 Our Mission To improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.


5 Member in an International Family 181 National Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies around the world Shared emblem Shared Principles Collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Canada and overseas In 2005, the Red Cross Movement adopted a third emblem – the red crystal

6 Our Mandate The Canadian Red Cross Society is officially recognized by the government as a voluntary relief society, auxiliary to the public authorities (...) in Canadian territory. Its aims shall be: (a) to provide protection and assistance to victims of armed conflicts and disasters, (b) to prevent and alleviate human suffering, and (c) to work for the improvement of health and prevention of disease. Canadian Red Cross Society Act, 1909 Canada Corporations Act, 1970

7 Our Organizational Structure 1Board of Governors 1 National Office 4 Zones 22 Regions 295Branches 6,644 Staff 29,412Volunteers

8 Our Programs Injury Prevention: Water Safety & First Aid RespectED: Violence & Abuse Prevention Disaster Services International & Humanitarian Issues Community Services

9 Water Safety Since 1946, we have trained over 30 million Canadians how to stay healthy, active and safe in, on and around the water. Swimming & Water Safety Programs Instructor Development Drowning Research Public Education / Campaigns Boat Operators Accreditation Program (On Board) Over 1.2 million Canadians trained last year alone through a network of over 3,200 Authorized Providers.

10 First Aid For more than 50 years, Canadians have learned how to save lives, ease pain, and more importantly, how to prevent injuries. “First aid training can reduce up to 40% risk of injuries for the participants”. Children’s Safety Programs First Aid & CPR Programs Advanced First Aid Programs Public Education / Campaigns Over 376,000 trained per year through a network of 3,500 Authorized Providers.

11 RespectED: Violence & Abuse Prevention We are in 630 communities (urban, rural & remote) in every province & territory. "Violence can be prevented and its impact reduced...This is not an article of faith, but a statement based on evidence" (WHO World Report on Violence & Health, 2002) We offer a variety of programs for: Children – 1 program Youth – 4 programs Adults – 6 programs Professionals – 5 training programs Since 1984, over 1.35 million children/youth & 200,000 adults trained, and 1,500 Prevention Educator certified.

12 International & Humanitarian Issues We do: Disaster Preparedness & Response Relief Programs - People Affected by Armed Conflict Primary Health Care Programs Delegates Program Restoring Family Links Detention Monitoring Program Promotion of International Humanitarian Law and Values

13 Disaster Services Emergency Preparedness Expect the Unexpected National program for children & youth; Training courses for Red Cross volunteers, personnel and other organizations; Collaboration for public messaging, education materials, safety campaigns. Emergency Response Based on local agreements we may provide… Feeding, Lodging & Clothing; Family Reunification; Personal Services & Emotional Support; Donations Management; Experienced & trained relief workers

14 Examples of International & National Relief Operations 1917 Halifax Explosion 1918 Influenza Epidemic 1950 Winnipeg Flood 1954 Hurricane Hazel 1979 Mississauga Train Derailment 1985 Barrie Tornado 1990 Oka Crisis 1996 Saguenay Flood 1997 Manitoba Flood 1997 Hurricane Mitch 1998 Ice Storm & Swissair Crash 1999 Kosovar refugees & Mozambique Floods 2001 Sept. 11 Tragedies & El Salvador Earthquake 2001 Gujurat Earthquake 2003 SARS, Iraq Crisis, BC Forest Fires, Blackout, Iran Earthquake 2004 Hurricanes in US & the Caribbean Region, South Asia Tsunamis

15 Community Services Health Care Equipment Loan Services  also known as M.E.L.S. – Medical Equipment Loan Service Other Community Services Each of the nine regions in Western Canada has their own community initiatives, targeted for the specific needs of the most vulnerable populations in their communities.

16 Collaboration with Government Departments Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Canada Health Canada - Public Health Agency of Canada National Defence – Canadian Forces CIDA Foreign Affairs CIC Department of Justice Social Development Human Resources and Skills Development Fisheries & Oceans / CCG Environment Canada / Parks Canada Transport Canada / Office of Boating Safety Canadian Heritage Treasury Board


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