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ARC 1.0 Introduction Video American Red Cross 1.0 Learn and Act.

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2 ARC 1.0 Introduction Video

3 American Red Cross 1.0 Learn and Act

4 Good morning! Presenter I Presenter 2 Name School you are attending NYC role /ARC role Random fun fact about self

5 Today’s agenda  The International Red Cross Movement  American Red Cross at a glance  What does the American Red Cross do?  Cold hard questions – Red Cross Jeopardy! …with lots of fun in between!

6 The International Red Cross Movement

7 The Scope of International Red Cross Movement The Movement is made up of almost 97 million volunteers, supporters, and staff in 186 countries. Major structures:  The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) –186 national member societies –A general secretariat in Geneva –60 delegations strategically located to support key initiatives  International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

8 Youth Volunteers on the International Scene The International Federation Youth Commission promotes youth activities around the world Youth volunteers are involved in: -Peer programs -Advocacy campaigns to reduce violence/discrimination -Relief operations and much more!

9 The Symbols Red Cross Red Crescent Red Crystal

10 Red Cross Fundamental Principles  Humanity  Impartiality  Neutrality  Independence  Universality  Voluntary Service  Unity  Fundamental Principles Cartoon Fundamental Principles Cartoon

11 American Red Cross At a Glance

12 Fulfilling our Mission helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies The American Red Cross helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies through services that are consistent with the seven fundamental principles.

13 American Red Cross At a Glance  The American Red Cross is volunteer led, at all levels. The Board of Governors members are volunteers.  For every staff manager, there is a volunteer partner. –Chapter: Chair of Disaster Response (volunteer) and Manager of Disaster Response (staff)  They work together to deliver Red Cross services and help their communities.

14 How does the Organization look like?

15 American Red Cross At a Glance  The American Red Cross consists of a network of blood regions, chapters, and SAF stations  Chapters are designated as “community chapters” or “regional chapters.”  Community chapters -> regional chapters -> divisions -> NHQ

16 Field Governance Structure


18 Youth Involvement with American Red Cross Through National Youth Council Through National Youth Council enthusiasticcreativediverseinspireddedicated

19 Youth Involvement Model youth ARC unit youth

20 Youth Involvement Model Chapter Youth Council

21 Youth Involvement Model Chapter club

22 Youth Involvement Model Clubs Youth Council Chapter

23 Youth Involvement at the local level Models of youth involvement:  No formal structure ( youth volunteers supporting the implementation of various initiatives at the chapter)  Red Cross School Club (s) associated with the chapter  Formal youth program (with a designated youth director or advisor)

24 What does the American Red Cross do? The American Red Cross assists local communities in five distinctive “lines of service”

25 American Red Cross Lines of Service International Services

26 General Facts  The Measles/Malaria Initiative  EHL/ IHL

27 Youth in Action Internationally!!  Youth Acting Internationally! Youth Acting Internationally!

28 American Red Cross Lines of Service Blood Services

29 General Facts About Blood  At least one of every ten hospital patients requires a blood transfusion  Volunteer blood donors contribute 98% of blood and blood components transfused in this country  Each year, some 4 million people give approximately 6.5 million blood donations through the Red Cross  Approximately 20% of donated blood is youth blood

30 How Can You Help? Donate Blood! To be eligible you must be: -17 years or older (16 years old in certain states with parental permission) -at least 110 pounds -Be in good health Sponsor a blood drive - Find a suitable location - Help recruit donors and publicize the drive - Schedules donors for the drive

31 Recipient Story for Blood Carlos' Story

32 American Red Cross Lines of Service Service to the Armed Forces

33 General Facts  Links members of the U.S. Armed Forces to their families  Facilitates emergency communication from families to service members  Serves 1.4 active military duty personnel and their families

34 Work of Service to the Armed Forces 1.Emergency Communications and Financial Assistance 2.Serving Ill and Injured Service Members, Veterans and their Families 3.Red Cross Support for Military Members and Families Overseas 4.Assisting Family Members

35 How Can You help?  Staff phone lines to help families stay connected  Receive messages from service men and families  Provide support for the wounded military personnel in veteran hospitals

36 American Red Cross Lines of Service Disaster Services

37 General Facts  The American Red Cross responds to more than 67,000 disasters, which turns out to be about 150 house fires per day.  Youth have served an important part in disaster response, especially Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

38 How can youth be involved?  Disaster Action Teams  Who is involved?  What it takes?

39 Youth in Disaster Manual  Official guideline that streamlines the process of involving youth into disaster services  Disaster Action Teams, DSHR System, Shelter Operations, Service Centers, Call Centers, Mass Care, Warehouse Distribution

40 American Red Cross Lines of Service Health & Safety

41 General Facts  The American Red Cross prepares volunteers to save lives through Health and Safety education and training, such as: –CPR/First Aid –Water Safety –Disaster Preparedness –Babysitting Classes

42 So…the Red Cross gives you five lines of service, and an infinite number of ways, through which you can change a life.

43 Which Red Cross lines of service are your favorites?











54 Jeopardy HistoryLines of Service Miscellaneous Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

55 $100 Question from H1 Who started the American Red Cross?

56 $100 Answer from H1 Clara Barton

57 $200 Question from H1 What are the 3 symbols of the ICRC?

58 $200 Answer from H1 Red Cross, Red Crystal, Red Crescent

59 $300 Question from H1 Where did the Red Cross Symbol originate?

60 $300 Answer from H1 Henry Dunant inverted the Swiss flag.

61 $400 Question from H1 Which President started the Junior Red Cross?

62 $400 Answer from H1 President Woodrow Wilson

63 $500 Question from H1 What disaster put the ARC on the map in 1908?

64 $500 Answer from H1 The San Francisco Fire

65 $100 Question from H2 What are the five lines of service?

66 $100 Answer from H2 Health and Safety, Disaster, International, Biomedical, Service to Armed Forces

67 $200 Question from H2 The American Red Cross supplies how much of nation’s blood supply?

68 $200 Answer from H2 49%

69 $300 Question from H2 Which line of service links service men and women to their families?

70 $300 Answer from H2 Service to Armed Forces

71 $400 Question from H2 What is the most common disaster responded to in the US?

72 $400 Answer from H2 Single Family Fires

73 $500 Question from H2 How often should you replace your stored water and food in your emergency kit?

74 $500 Answer from H2 Every six months.

75 $100 Question from H3 How much money does the ARC receive from the government?

76 $100 Answer from H3 NONE!!

77 $200 Question from H3 Who is Gail McGovern?

78 $200 Answer from H3 President and CEO of the American Red Cross!

79 $300 Question from H3 What does EHL stand for?

80 Thank you!  Presenter –Contact information

81 $300 Answer from H3 Exploring Humanitarian Law

82 $400 Question from H3 Where can you find the most up to date information on Red Cross Youth Involvement?

83 $400 Answer from H3

84 $500 Question from H3 Name the last two places the National Youth Institute was held?

85 $500 Answer from H3 St. Louis, Portland, Albany

86 Final Jeopardy What is the Consent Decree?

87 Final Jeopardy The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took court action against the American Red Cross in response to deficiencies in their tracking and procedures for ensuring the safety of the blood supply. The consent decree outlines some of the violations of federal law that the American Red Cross engaged in before 1993. [34] Fines were imposed in the millions of dollars. [34]

88 Questions ?

89 Thank you!  Presenter 1  Presenter 2 –Contact information

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