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The Creation of America

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1 The Creation of America
Revolutionary war The Creation of America

2 Proclamation of 1763 Closed lands west of Mountains to Colonial Settlers Did it Work? Didn’t stop colonists from moving west even with British military scouting areas Native’s and Colonists still fighting

3 British Acts on American Colonists
Sugar Act Raised taxes on Luxury items such as wine and silk and molasses. Quartering act- Writs of Assistance- Royal army had right to search for illegal products. Make sure Taxes are paid Stamp Act law ordering colonists to house British Troops

4 Colonial Protests in North Carolina
Applauded Stamp act congress Created Wilmington Sons of Liberty Prevented ships of taxed paper from being unloaded Refused to sell British goods Arrested British sailors who stepped foot in Wilmington

5 North Carolina’s Reaction to Taxes
Wrote to King George asking him to fix problems. “No Taxation Without Representation “ Continued to Protest and Boycott

6 Major terms Treason- Betrayal of one’s country
Repealed- Take away a law Boycott- Refusing to buy goods Tyranny- Unjust use of power Hessians- Hired German soldiers fighting for British during Revolutionary war Revolution- A great change Loyalist- Colonist loyal to Britain during Revolution Patriot- Colonists who wanted Independence from England

7 Non-Importation Association
Colonial Governmental plan to Boycott British Goods North Carolina accepted this plan even after the Governor said no

8 Boston Massacre How did it help Patriots cause?
What were the claims of what happened? Were those claims accurate?

9 Tea Parties North and South
North- Boston Tea Party- Sons of Liberty dressed up like Natives and dumped tea into Boston Harbor (Violent) South- Edenton tea Party. 51 North Carolina Women, Patriotic Ladies, signed an agreement to boycott British tea and Protest the tea act. (Non-Violent) Both Were Protests against the British tax on tea

10 Time Line 1770- Boston Massacre 1773- Tea act 1773- Boston Tea Party
1773- Edenton Tea Party 1774- Intolerable Acts 1774- Continental Congress meets 1774- NC colony Provincial government meets 1775- NC colony removal of British Governor putting NC on the road to Revolution

11 Richard Caswell First Provincial Governor of NC during Revolution.
Fought in French and Indian War Representative for North Carolina at Continental Congress

12 Continental Congress September 5th, 1774
12 colonies sent representatives to discuss how they were being treated and how to avoid war with Britain Why would Colonists want to avoid war with Britain?

13 Minute Men Made up Militia
Farmers with guns who were ready to fight at a minute’s notice

14 Major Battles Lexington and Concord- First Battles of the Revolutionary War between Sons of Liberty and British Soldiers in Massachusetts “Shot Heard Around the World”

15 Saratoga Turning point of the Revolutionary War
First Major American Victory over the British

16 Moore’s Creek Bridge First Battle of War in North Carolina
Stopped Loyalist and British Army from Meeting up The win Encouraged North Carolina to Seek Independence

17 Bunker Hill Fiercest battle of the War
British want control of Major Colonial Area Americans had to Retreat and lost battle but proved to Colonists they could fight the British Army

18 Battle of Yorktown Last Battle of War French helped Americans win
Colonists Defeated greatest army in the world turning the world Upside down

19 Second Continental Congress
Second meeting of 13 colonies Dealing with Growing threat of war Created an army called the Continental Army

20 Hudson River Washington used Hudson River to send Cannons down to surround the British in Boston. When British saw the were surrounded they knew they were defeated and left Boston forever

21 Halifax and Mecklenburg Resolves
Halifax Resolves Formal written statements calling for the colonies Independence from Britain. Helped Draft the Declaration of Independence Mecklenburg Resolves Created by North Carolina County stating British Laws were no Longer in effect First NC call for Independence from Britain

22 Declaration of Independence
Written by Thomas Jefferson Explain reasons why colonies decided to declare Independence Listed wrongs of King George III North Carolina Agreed to it

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