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AMERICAN REVOLUTION REVIEW. This man was general of the Continental Army.

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2 This man was general of the Continental Army.

3 George Washington

4 To fight the colonists, King George III hired mercenaries called Hessians from...

5 Germany

6 The British learned at the Battle of _______________ that the colonists would be difficult to defeat.

7 Bunker Hill

8 Colonist in Massachusetts organized a militia made up of ______________________

9 Minutemen

10 Why were the battles at Lexington and Concord so important?

11 They marked the beginning of the war with Britain.

12 Britain passed laws after the Boston Tea Party to punish the colonists. What did the colonists call these laws?

13 the Intolerable Acts

14 Write 3 true statements about the Boston Tea Party.

15 1. It was a protest against the Tea Act, which said colonists could buy tea only from the British East India Tea Company. 2. Colonist threw thousands of pounds of tea into Boston Harbor 3. People in England were shocked and angered by the Boston Tea Party

16 How did the colonists react to the Stamp Act?

17 1.They protested the Stamp Act until it was repealed. They sent a petition to England. They boycotted British goods

18 This act passed by the British Parliament forced colonists to provide British soldiers with food, transportation, and housing.

19 the Quartering Act

20 The word BOYCOTT means...

21 . refuse to buy

22 This group of men dressed up as Mohawk Indians and threw crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

23 . Sons of Liberty

24 This man was a former slave killed at the Boston Massacre.

25 . Crispus Attucks

26 This battle was the turning point of the American Revolution.

27 . Saratoga

28 This act placed a tax on all legal documents.

29 . Stamp Act

30 General Cornwallis surrendered the British Army at…

31 . Yorktown

32 List 3 outcomes of the French and Indian War

33 1.Britain defeat France and its Indian allies. Britain gained a large amount of new territory Britain ended up with huge debts

34 This man was the main contributor in writing the Declaration of Independence.

35 . Thomas Jefferson

36 Colonists who remained loyal to the king were called

37 Loyalists or Tories

38 Why did Britain create the Proclamation of 1763?

39 . to protect American settlers from attacks by Native Americans

40 The Continental Army faced many hardships during the winter at…

41 . Valley Forge

42 I defended the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre.

43 . John Adams

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