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Sound and Sense Forms of Poetry

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1 Sound and Sense Forms of Poetry
Chapter 6 Sound and Sense Forms of Poetry

2 California Standards Reading Comprehension
2.4 Compare the original text to a summary to decide if the summary accurately describes the main ideas and keeps the same meaning Literary Response and Analysis 3.1 Learn the relationship between the purpose and characteristics of different forms of poetry

3 POETRY NOTEBOOK Pull out your Poetry Notebook

4 Introduction Poetry has many forms
Students will explore the characteristics of these different forms Students will learn how a poem can: be used to tell a story make a point offer music for the ear offer images for the mind

5 Words with Their Own Music
RHYTHM – the repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables (your voice will rise and fall as you pronounce these syllables) The beat of a poem comes from the patterns made by the stressed and unstressed syllables

6 Words with Their Own Music
RHYME – chiming effect that adds to the music of a poem When two rhyming lines are consecutive, it is called a COUPLET Rhyme patterns – aabb, abab, abba, abba…

7 Words with Their Own Music
ALLITERATION – the repetition of consonant sounds in several words that are close together When vowel sounds are repeated, it is called ASSONANCE

8 Words with Their Own Music
ONOMATOPOEIA – when you use words with sounds that imitate or suggest their meaning; brings sound and sense together Sizzle – bacon frying Snap – your fingers Crackle – candy wrapper Pop – balloon popping, soda can opening

9 Types of Poems Lyric Poem “Valentine for Ernest Mann”
Expresses personal feeling about something Does not tell a story No rhyme pattern No format “Valentine for Ernest Mann” Johnny Cash -“You’ll Never Walk Alone”

10 Types of Poems Narrative Poem “Paul Revere’s Ride”
Tells a story The story list the series of events Contains a rhyme pattern Has Rhythm “Paul Revere’s Ride” Johnny Cash – “I Hung My Head”

11 Types of Poems Ballad Tells a story, usually about Lost love, betrayal, death Has a refrain or repetition Contains a rhyme pattern Johnny Cash – “Ballad of a Teenage Queen”; “The Ballad of Ira Hayes”

12 Types of Poems EPIC: Tells a story About the deeds of a hero
Can have a rhyme pattern Often has couplets Johnny Cash – “In the Sweet by and by”

13 Types of Poems ODE Poem Give thanks to someone or something
Do NOT have a specific format May contain rhyming patterns “Ode to a Toad” “Ode to the Fallen”

14 Types of Poems Sonnet – “On the Grasshopper and the Cricket”
Every sonnet 14 lines Usually in iambic pentameter Iambic refers to verse in which the beat or stress is on every other syllable, with the unstressed beat: From hedge to hedge. Pentameter is verse in which there are five stressed beats in every line.

15 Types of Poems Italian Sonnet Poem Usually about love or nature
Every sonnet has 14 lines Usually in iambic pentameter 10 syllables per line Rhyme pattern (abbaabba ccddee)

16 Types of Poems Elegy Poem of mourning is a serious/sad poem
Most are about someone who died Uses metaphor or extended metaphor for comparisons “O Captain! My Captain!”

17 Types of Poems Free Verse Does not have a regular rhyme pattern
Uses literary devices: simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification… Can be written in many shapes and formats “I Hear America Singing” “Flesh and Blood” – Johnny Cash

18 REFERNCE Beers, K Holt Literature and Language Arts. Austin, TX: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.

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