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Gerund vs. infinitive.

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1 Gerund vs. infinitive

2 Verbs followed by a gerund
admit avoid can't help consider deny dislike enjoy finish imagine mind miss postpone practice quit risk spend (time) suggest waste (time) like dislike hate love

3 Verbs followed by a PREPOSITION + a gerund
approve of argue about believe in care about complain about concentrate on depend on disapprove of dream about look forward to feel like forget about insist on object to plan on prevent (someone) from succeed in talk about think about worry about

4 Verbs followed by an infinitive
agree ask attempt be able begin choose continue decide expect (sbd). forget hope offer learn plan promise persuade sbd. refuse teach sbd. tell sbd. Want (sbd.) wish would like (sbd). warn

5 Fill in the gaps with a gerund or an infinitive
1) I can't imagine Peter (go) by bike. 2) He agreed (buy) a new car. 3) The question is easy (answer). 4) The man asked me how (get) to the airport. 5) I look forward to (see) you at the weekend. 6) Are you thinking of (visit) London? 7) We decided (run) through the forest.

6 8) The teacher expected Sarah (study) hard.
9) She doesn't mind (work) the night shift. 10) I learned (ride) the bike at the age of 5. 11) We decided (buy) a new car. 12) They've got some work (do). 13) Peter gave up (smoke) . 14) He'd like (fly) an aeroplane. 15) I enjoy (write) picture postcards. 16) Do you know what (do) if there's a fire in the shop?

7 17) Avoid (make) silly mistakes.
18) My parents wanted me (be) home at 11 o'clock. 19) I dream about (build) a big house. 20) I'm hoping (see) Lisa.

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