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Extending your student visa

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1 Extending your student visa
Tamara Francis, International Student Adviser

2 Today we are talking about
Why you have to apply before registration Some of the documents you have to prepare Online tools we have provided to help you completing the form and other useful information What other support we are going to offer you, e.g. document checking sessions Registration Cover some frequently asked questions Answer your questions Giving you opportunity today to have your photographs taken after the session Refer to quiz

3 Why you have to apply before 23rd September!
Your SIC visa is not valid for UoS Registration taking place from 23rd September You can only register and start your course if you have either already got a UoS visa or have submitted an application for a UoS visa No visa/no evidence of sending application – no registration, no attendance of lessons Missing registration means missing important days at beginning of your course

4 Dedicated website with information about your visa extension:

5 On this website you will find:
Video clip on how to complete the form Written guidance notes for completion of the form Interactive questionaire to identify areas where you need to take action FAQ’s Document checklist Presentation with detailed information about the documents you have to prepare Information about webchats you can attend to ask questions about completing the form Booking information for document checking Show website 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

6 Photographs – Why today?
Opportunity to have photographs taken today after the presentation 5£ - same as everywhere else Guaranteed to be accepted by UKBA Old photographs or photographs from home country are NOT acceptable Photographs from photo booth often not acceptable Unacceptable photographs one of main reason for applications being rejected Rejected applications can lead to becoming an overstayer One of the documents students often don’t pay enough attention to, although they are very important and it is important that they meet UKBA requirements. Have opportunity to have photographs taken today after presentation. 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

7 Turning up with unacceptable photographs at document checking session?
Very grumpy International Student Adviser 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

8 How much money do you have to show?
You must show that you have the outstanding tuition fee for the first year plus the required maintenance amount for yourself and, if applicable for any dependants who are applying with you You must have this money in your account for a minimum of 28 days The majority of SIC students will have to show £1600 plus outstanding course fees. If you have already paid all the tuition fees, you only have to show the maintenance amount Another important document is your financial evidence. It is also the most likely reason for a visa being refused. Therefore it is important that you are thinking about this now. 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

9 Bank statements We recommend to use bank statements of your UK bank account where possible, but parents bank statements are also acceptable Read the detailed information about format of bank statements on our website. Needed if you are self funding or sponsored but sponsor paying only part of the fees and/or less than £800 per month (£450 per dependant) Latest possible date for having money in your account: 23rd August – but don’t leave it until then!!!! Bank statements are another common cause of problems as students don’t realise the importance of getting statements in the right format. Refer to detailed information on document presentation on SIC website. 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

10 We recommend: Don’t wait until you have your results before putting money in your account – it might be too late!!!! Be prepared and do it now!!!! If your visa application is refused or rejected as invalid, you must show £7200 for 28 days if you make a fresh application so it is safer to keep at least £7200 in your bank account until your visa is granted Therefore we strongly recommend: Ask your parents to transfer £7200 into your bank account no later than 1st August and keep it in your account until your visa has been granted Ask your parents to pay the full tuition fee before making the visa application 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

11 Translations If you are sending any documents which are not in English, you must provide a translation The translation must include: name and contact details of the translator/translation company Date of the translation Original signature of the translator or an authorised official of the translation company Credentials of the translator or the translation company (e.g. qualifications, accreditation of an official body) Confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document Refer to translatemydoc and tell students they can pick up leaflet 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

12 ATAS certificate (if applicable)
You must check on your offer letter if your course requires ATAS clearance If you haven’t got an offer letter yet, check the list of courses which require ATAS on the ATAS website If your course requires ATAS, you must apply for ATAS clearance immediately to avoid any delays. Once you receive the ATAS clearance certificate you must include it with your application 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

13 Regular updates Check your SIC account on a regular basis for updates from us – see schedule of support Hand out time schedule 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

14 Summary of key points: No valid University of Sheffield visa / visa application in post No registration no attendence in class Put money in your account now – even if you don’t know results – or it may be too late to make a visa application Not enough money in account/bank statements not in right format/money not in account for long enough cannot apply for visa Have photograph taken today, do not use old photograph or photograph taken in home country! Read the information on the dedicated SIC website carefully and make use of all the support tools Document checking through Immigration Advisers ONLY between 27th August and 6th September No checking of forms – use the online tools for help! Check your University account regularly! 16/04/2017 © The University of Sheffield

15 Registration

16 Registration When is Registration?
Monday 23 – Friday 27 September (Intro Week) What documents should I bring? - Your passport and visa (or evidence of your visa application if your passport is with the Home Office e.g. a postal receipt) - Your qualification certificates (if Admissions haven’t seen them yet) All students must attend registration

17 Registration: Passport/Visa Checking
Passport/visa checking is included in the Registration Timetable: You should attend passport/visa checking at the specific time for your course (as per the timetable), or you can attend early if you are already in Sheffield on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September (timings will be confirmed nearer the time) For the latest details on Registration follow us on twitter #uosintro13 and facebook (Registration, University of Sheffield) or see:

18 Questions? Mention that students have received FAQ’s by – any further questions one these or other issues?

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