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Tier 4 “Online” Tutorial. portal Click here.

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1 Tier 4 “Online” Tutorial

2 portal Click here

3 The first time you log in you will be asked to register. Please follow the instructions and create a username, password and memorable word. Keep them safe, you will need them every time you log in !

4 Click here You will only need to do this the first time you sign in!

5 Click here and select the letter T Click on this one


7 Once you have answered all the questions remember to click the SAVE button, or you will lose all the information. Answer no here.

8 Once you have finished completing each page click “save”. Then click “Next”. Put the place of birth stated in your passport!!!

9 Click no here, then… A new box will appear, please insert the information as above

10 Click yes and enter the reference number of any previous UK visas. If you don’t know your reference numbers then answer no to this question

11 If you have lived anywhere else in the UK in the past 5 years you need to answer yes and include every address. Use the “Add another” button if you have lived at more than one address

12 Please make sure you tick every box. If you are unsure ask us!

13 The rest of this page can be found on the next slide. The reference number is the ‘VAF number’ and is printed on the visa in your passport.

14 Make sure you answer all the above questions. If you answer yes to any, please tell us.

15 Please tick the no option Insert the Tier 4 sponsor details as in this example. Don’t forget to input your CAS number. It is written on your CAS letter and is made up of letters and numbers.

16 Do not copy from your friends, only input information you find in your CAS! NQF 6= Undergraduate NQF 7= Masters NQF 8= PHD Copy your course name and dates from your CAS letter. Check the ‘English Language’ section of your CAS letter.

17 Copy the course fee from your CAS letter. University accommodation only (not private accommodation) You are being sponsored by your Government so say yes. Click yes.

18 Check your CAS letter:

19 If there is a problem and/or missing information a message will appear in red text.

20 To see where you made a mistake click “Home” tab. The sections which need changing are the ones with the red cross. Once you have corrected your mistakes click “next” then “check” application Now the page should look like this!

21 Make sure you have saved your changes and booked an appointment with us. To book an appointment: Email: Or, visit our office: International Student Support Office International Education Centre Ground Floor, Rathbone Hall College Road Bangor, LL57 2DF Once you have reached the previous page do not go forward with your application, we need to check it first, to make sure it is correct. Opening times: Monday - Friday 9 am until 4 pm

22 Documents you will need include: Passport, visa and 2 x photos (UK passport style) CAS letter Financial Sponsor letter - must be original, less than 6 months old, with an official stamp. – If your Financial Sponsor letter states that all tuition fees and living costs will be covered – you do not need to provide additional bank statements. – If your Financial Sponsor letter states a ‘salary’ that is less than the required amount, you will need to provide bank statements to show that you have the difference in your bank account. The required amount is £820 per month (£1020 per month for London Centre students). You must have had this money in your bank account for a minimum of 28 days. If you have recently been studying a course that was for less than 6 months, you need to show that you have the ‘salary difference’ x 9 months. If you have recently been studying in the UK, on one course, for more than 6 months, you need to show that you have the ‘salary difference’ x 2 months. Certificates of previous qualifications – as listed on your CAS letter. They must be original. If they are not in English, you must also include an official translation. Police registration certificate, if required. ATAS certificate, if required. If you have dependants please get in touch with us to check what additional documents you need.

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