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A Quick Guide to New Student Registration…...For Students A simple and easy summary of what you need to do to get registered and why you have to do it.

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1 A Quick Guide to New Student Registration…...For Students A simple and easy summary of what you need to do to get registered and why you have to do it.

2 Pre-Registration Reduce the length of time it takes to register by doing as much as possible online. Then you’ll have less to do when you arrive. Watch out for emails letting you know that there are steps you can complete. They don’t all become available at the same time. Remember that your emails are personalised and links should not be shared with others as they will not work for them.

3 Academic Introductory Meetings These meetings give you essential information about your course & department and will help you to understand the registration process You will have the chance to meet your future coursemates, tutors and lecturers At this meeting your department will sign off your chosen approved & unrestricted modules where possible, or advise you on your options

4 UG/PG Welcome Meetings Get information about the many opportunities for academic, social & personal development available to you across the University Find out what the Students’ Union can offer you, including membership of a huge number of social and sports societies, as well as meeting the Students’ Union Officers and key members of University staff These are very popular sessions so please check the registration timetable to find out what time your welcome meeting is and do your best to attend the correct session.

5 Passport & BRP*/Visa Scanning (International students) We need to see you in person for this part of the process but there are things that you can do to help speed things up - in particular scanning your passport before you attend your registration event International students who are staying for 6+ months will be issued with a BRP. You will be given a choice of collection point for this - please select the University as your collection point. We will give you your BRP at your registration event or, if it hasn’t yet arrived, as soon as possible afterwards. If you select a Post Office as your BRP collection point you must pick up your BRP before you will be allowed to register. We will not register you if you don’t have it. Please refer to your Decision Letter to see where you collection point is. This step is very important because we are legally obliged to retain a copy of your passport & BRP/visa if you are an international student. If you do not do this you may be prevented from registering. *Biometric Residence Permit

6 Verification of Qualifications Read through your information from Admissions carefully. You will have been told if you need to bring your qualifications to be verified Ensure that you have the original versions of your documents or certified copies, authenticated by an appropriate authority This step formally verifies that you have the qualifications upon which your offer was made. If you don’t complete this step when requested to do so, you may be prevented from registering If you are an international student and are on campus during Orientation Week we advise you to have your qualifications verified early as this will reduce the amount of time it takes to register in Intro Week. Check your registration timetable for more information.

7 Some students can select unrestricted modules as part of their course, in addition to core modules. If you do not have this option, you do not need to attend this event and should go straight to the main registration event at your designated time. Unrestricted Module Enrolment Event Staff will be available at this event to help you decide which unrestricted modules to choose. You need to bring your module choice form with you. Whether you attend the unrestricted module event or go straight to the registration event, you will need to have 120 credits signed off on your module form before you can proceed with your registration. Once you have 120 credits you will be directed elsewhere so that your module choices can be loaded onto your student record.

8 All full-time students registering in September need to complete this part of the process. The Registration Timetable, available online and via iSheffield, tells you when you need to come to the event. Main Registration We will check your ID, whether your modules are loaded and whether you’ve paid enough money. If any of these aren’t right, we’ll try and sort them out. Once we’re done, you will be directed to a computer so that you can complete your registration. If you have completed your pre-registration tasks, you will pass through the Main Registration event very quickly. If you haven’t, it may take a lot longer. The last thing we do is give you your UCard, as long as you’ve uploaded a photograph. If you haven’t, you will be sent to a separate location to collect your card. You also have the chance to register your interest to vote in Sheffield. Don’t worry if you still want to vote in local elections at home - you can be registered in more than one place.

9 University Health Service Registration Speed up your registration by completing the pre-registration form online and don’t forget to bring your completed GMS1 form (found in the Essential Guide to Registration) to your Registration event, along with the name and address of your current GP. If you are a Postgraduate Research student or are studying at the University for less than 6 months please contact UHS direct to find out about registering. The University Health Service is your gateway to a wide range of support for issues relating to your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Registering for UHS means you can be referred quickly at times of need to other support services in and outside the University If you are already registered with a doctor in Sheffield, you do not have to complete this step if you don’t want to change doctors

10 Late Registration We strongly recommend that you attend your allocated registration slot in Intro Week, but if you are unable to do so, you must wait until Late Registration and come then. International students must register promptly otherwise we will have to report this to UK Visas and Immigration. You will not be allowed to attend classes until you have registered. If you leave it too long to register, your department may decide you have missed too much teaching and refuse to let you start. If you are allowed to register, you may be charged a fee for being late.

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