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Welcome to Mrs. Riley’s Class Mrs. Riley’s Smiley Sock Monkeys 2014-2015.

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Riley’s Class Mrs. Riley’s Smiley Sock Monkeys 2014-2015

2 Schedule 7:45-10:30 Language Arts block (10:00-10:30 Counseling two Mondays per month, Library every Friday) (9:10-9:30 snack/restroom break) (9:45 – 10:30 Computer – Tuesdays) 10:30-10:50 recess 10:50-11:20 Lunch 11:20- 12:50 Math 12:25-12:55 Social Studies/Science 12:50-1:40 Music/PE/Art 1:40-2:30 Social Studies/Science (this is also integrated during the Language Arts block) 2:30-2:40 stamp calendars/pack (2:20-2:40 Class Meeting twice a week) 2:40 Dismiss and escort to transportation

3 My Rules 1.Raise your hand to speak. 2.Raise your hand to leave your desk. 3.Make good choices. 4.Complete work quickly. 5.Make your Dear Teacher happy.

4 Our Rules (Created by students) 1. Listen to and look at the speaker. 2. Tell someone at home and school if someone is being bullied and stand up for them. 3. Help someone if they are hurt. 4. Use nice words. 5. Help someone if they are hurt. 6. Walk like a sock monkey.

5 Routines The red folder goes to and from school every day. Students empty the red folder if there are any notes or papers for me inside of them. The notes go on the side of their desk. The blue folder goes home on Tuesdays. The students empty it and give me any papers the next day on the side of their desk. Check for emails and updates on my website. The spelling words, homework and newsletter will be posted on the website on Friday evening.

6 Class Incentives Whole class: Class compliments earn fun activities or rewards that the class votes on. Twenty compliments earn the reward. We are using nickels right now to count up to $1.00. When we get compliments in the cafeteria we get potato head pieces added to the potato head. When it is complete we may eat lunch in the room with a short movie. Table groups: Table groups receive “Riley Smiley” clips for following directions quickly and cooperatively. The tables with the most clips at the end of the week get to pick jobs for the following week. Individuals: Students get points on a class credit card for being caught making good choices. Twenty points fills the card and they can choose from rewards like: bring a stuffed animal, wear slippers, switch seats, write in pen, use stickers and many more! “Mystery Walkers” are also given certificates for nice hallway manners. Students may also complete bucket filler forms for classmates. Calendar: Students stamp or put a sticker on the calendar square each day for making good choices. If we discussed a choice and I need to inform you of it I will write in the box. Students with all stamps and stickers may select an item from the treasure box on Friday each week.

7 Volunteer Opportunities Please get a form to fill out on the back table of you would like to be our room parent. I send the forms to the office and they let me know who the room parent will be. I like to contact the room parent to help me find people to help with various projects, to donate items, to chaperone and to help with parties. The room parent also contacts parents to coordinate the birthday celebrations on the last Friday of each month. Our librarian also needs a volunteer parent to help during our library check out time each Friday from 10:00-10:30 and possibly other times as needed. Our art teachers would like assistance hanging art work from time to time.

8 Contact: Phone: (512)533-6350 Thank you for coming! If you would like to volunteer, please sign up at the back table. I look forward to conferencing about your child October 3rd or 8th.

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