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Welcome to Curriculum Night!! Mrs. Johannsson 2 nd Grade Please find your child’s seat and read the letter they wrote you!

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night!! Mrs. Johannsson 2 nd Grade Please find your child’s seat and read the letter they wrote you!

2 About Me! My name is Allison Johannsson Born in Arizona, raised in SD. I LOVE the beach. Family=My husband, my parents and my brother and two sisters Arizona State University Alumni Majored in Elementary Education I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Luna I love all kinds of candy, diet coke and tea!

3 My Website My website: – – Teacher Information – Weekly Homework – Weekly Newsletter – Special Schedule – Important dates – Resource Links Coming Soon

4 Homework Homework folders are due every Friday with the students homework. I will be sending the homework folders back every Friday with the following weeks homework and any graded work from the week. When students complete their homework for the treasure box. 5 weeks in a row, they will be able to pick a prize from

5 Classroom Management Individual positive reinforcement- In our classroom we will follow the Manitas Manners, which are Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. Students will be given a coupon each time that a teacher observes a student performing these actions. When a student receives 15 coupons they will be allowed to choose out of the classroom treasure box. When a student receives 25 of these coupons they will be recognized on the morning news and given a certificate! We will also be using a clip chart in our classroom and students can move up or down the chart depending on their behavior. If a student reaches the bottom or the top of the chart I will be contacting you regarding their behavior. I will be marking each student’s agenda at the end of the day to tell you what level your child was at that day. Please sign their agenda so I know you are monitoring your child’s behavior. If your child’s agenda is not signed they will owe me 3 minutes of recess time. Everytime a student gets their agenda signed, their name goes into a drawing. Every Friday I will draw a name and the winner gets something from the treasure box. Whole class positive reinforcement – Students will also be awarded as a table every Friday. Each day, I will give table points to tables that are working together as a team and are on task. The table at the end of the week with the most table points gets to choose something out of the treasure box. The class loves the small bit of competition

6 Every month I will choose a student in the classroom that has displayed great behavior. That student will eat lunch on stage with Mr. Langston or Mrs. Degraffenreid. Treasure Box Donations Our class has a lot of student celebrations and we use a class treasure box in order to encourage positive actions. Students LOVE to go to the treasure box and pick out fun toys. Please donate what ever you can throughout the year to our treasure box. The students and I appreciate everything that you can donate to our classroom! Thank you!!

7 Schedule Monday: 9:35-10:20 P.E. - P.E.: students must wear tennis shoes in order to participate and I would also suggest that students wear clothes that are easy to move around in. P.E. will be every Monday so keep this in mind while getting ready Monday mornings! Tuesday: 9:35-10:20 Library Wednesday: 10:25-11:10 Music Thursday: 9:35-10:20 Computer Lab Friday: 9:35-10:20 Art Lunch Recess: Daily 11:15-11:35 Lunch: Daily 11:35-11:55 Snack: – Snacks: I will provide time each day for snack. Please send in a snack with your child each day! I will not provide snack to children who haven’t brought their own. There is also no sharing or trading of snacks due to food allergies. If you would like to bring in community snack for any children who do not have a snack each day that is welcomed

8 Daily Contact Contacting Me: e-mail: Classroom phone: 480-541-3733 School Schedule: – M-T-Th-F 7:45-2:35pm – W 7:45-12:35pm I check my email frequently throughout the day; however, if you send an email regarding changes in transportation for the end of the day and I do not respond my noon please contact the front office and they will call my room directly. It is very important for YOU to contact me if there is a transportation change.

9 Thank you for coming!

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