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Welcome to Preschool Open House

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1 Welcome to Preschool Open House
September 8, 2013

2 Communication The best way I can be reached is through A monthly newsletter will be ed home at the end of each month Any other information will be posted on the classroom website at If any questions and or concerns come up during the year, do not hesitate to me

3 Folders Make sure your child’s name is on their folder
Folders must be brought to school every day Put any notes, lunch money, paperwork in envelopes labeled with your child's name in folders Folders should be emptied each night School work will be sent home in folders

4 Backpacks Each child will have a cubby labeled with their name for their backpacks Make sure your child’s name is on their backpack Backpacks must be brought to school every day Please go through your child’s backpack every day after school and empty it

5 Uniforms All preschoolers must come to school in their gym uniform unless stated otherwise. Navy blue t-shirt, navy shorts or sweatpants and a navy sweatshirt with the St. Francis emblem on it It is strongly recommended that all children wear sneakers to school Please write your child’s name on all articles of clothing

6 Extra Clothes An extra set of clothes should be sent in a zip lock bag
All articles of clothing should be labeled with your child’s name Extra clothes do not have to be uniform, but should be uniform colors and not have any pictures or words on them If clothes are sent home, please send an extra set back to school

7 Accidents If a child has an accident or has to change their clothes, they will be escorted to the nurses office to change. A note will be sent home from the teacher as well as a phone call from the nurse. When clothes are sent home, please wash them and send them back to school so we always have an extra set at school.

8 Dismissal If your child stays for a half day, an aide will walk them to the front entrance at 12pm If your child stays for a whole day, a teacher/aide stand with students by the glass doors in front of the building If your child goes to extended day, an aide will watch them until the extended day program arrives downstairs If someone other than a parent is picking up a child, a note must be sent in stating who will be picking up the child If your child has a play date with another student at school, a note must be sent in from the parents of both children

9 Snack We will have snack every day between 9:30 and 10
Please send in a healthy snack and drink that will keep your child satisfied until lunch at 11:15

10 Lunch and Recess Lunch will be at 11:15 each day.
Hot lunch starts Sept. 9 Children will have outside recess every day unless the weather is bad or it is too cold out Inside recess is inside the classroom For more information about the lunch program, visit the school website

11 Rest Time We will have rest time each day after lunch and recess for 30 to 45 minutes Please send in a small blanket and small stuffed animal to keep at school for rest time. Blankets will be sent home from time to time to be washed During rest time, soft music will be played. On Fridays, the children will watch a short movie

12 Personal Possessions Please leave all personal possessions not relating to school at home unless noted otherwise by teacher Every Friday, children will have the chance to bring in a special small toy from home to share with the class and use during play time.

13 Illness We kindly ask that if your child is sick, that they stay home from school. Please send in an absent note when your child returns to school. The nurse has also asked that if the child is out with flu like symptoms, that they bring in a handwritten doctors note upon their return to school There is a full time nurse available at school incase your child feels ill. The nurse will call you with any concerns. If your child has a fever, they will be sent home.

14 Volunteer Opportunities
If you would like to volunteer, please fill out a Cori form at the main office after open house Some examples of volunteer opportunities are -School fundraisers - Book Fair -Classroom Presentations -Field Trips - Lunch monitors Monthly guest reader. If you wish to be a guest reader please fill out the sign up sheet One guest reader will come in each month and read a maximum of two books to the class

15 Specials Monday – Computer Tuesday - Library (every other Tuesday) Wednesday – Art Thursday – Physical education Gym Friday – Spanish

16 Celebration Policy We will celebrate birthdays at SFA by singing “Happy Birthday” to your child at snack time. The birthday child will also be the line leader for the day, get a birthday crown, certificate, and birthday pin We will celebrate holidays with special arts and crafts projects

17 Class Pet This is our Class Pet. His name is Peanut If you choose to sign up, every weekend Peanut will go home with one child along with a journal. Your job is to take care of Peanut and take him where ever the family goes. Take pictures with Peanut and write in the journal. After the weekend, your child will bring Peanut back to school. During circle time, they can show their classmates the journal and explain how Peanut spent his weekend.

18 Thank you for coming to Open House!
We hope you enjoyed your visit to your new preschool room. If you have any questions or concerns, please fell free to contact us. We can not wait to see you again in the morning for your first day of Preschool Ms. Ciollo, Teacher Ms. Murray, Aide Mrs. Cunningham, Aide

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