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1.TAKE OUT BYZANTINE-ISLAM SOL #7 (already got this)

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1 1.TAKE OUT BYZANTINE-ISLAM SOL #7 (already got this)

2 Byzantine & Islam SOL Review

3 Part 1: Byzantine Geography 1. The location of Constantinople enabled it to thrive because: A. PROTECTION of the eastern frontier. B. Distance from Germanic INVADERS in the western empire. C. Crossroads of TRADE D. Easily fortified site on a peninsula bordered by natural HARBORS

4 Part 1: Byzantine Geography

5 2. Which two cultures were preserved by the Byzantine Empire? GRECO-ROMAN 3. Who codified all of the Roman laws that would influence European legal coded in the future? JUSTINIAN

6 Part 1: Byzantine Geography 4. What areas did Emperor Justinian re-conquer as leader of the Byzantine Empire? ITALIAN PENINSULA & NORTH AFRICA

7 PART 2: BYZANTINE ART 1.Byzantine Empire art was inspired by the ___________ religion and imperial power. CHRISTIAN 2. Define: Icons RELIGIOUS IMAGES 3. Define: Mosaics PICTURE OR DESIGN MADE FROM SMALL PIECES OF ENAMAL, GLASS, OR STONE


9 PART 2: BYZANTINE ART 5. The Byzantine Empire’s Culture: A. Continued flourishing of Greco-Roman TRADITIONS. B. GREEK language (as contrasted with LATIN in the West). C. Greek Orthodox CHRISTIANITY D. Greek and Roman knowledge preserved in Byzantine LIBRARIES.

10 PART 3: The Christian Church 1. The Eastern Church was centered in which major city? CONSTANTINOPLE 2. What language did the Eastern Church write it’s liturgy in? GREEK 3. The Western Church was centered in which major city? ROME

11 PART 3: The Christian Church 4. What language did the Western Church write it’s liturgy in? LATIN 5. The _________________ led the Western Church, while the _________________ led the Eastern Church. POPEPATRIARCH 6. Practices such as celibacy was accepted in the _______________. WEST

12 PART 4: Eastern Europe and Russia 1. Located along the trade routes between ___________ Sea and _____________ Sea. BLACK SEA AND THE BALTIC SEA 2. Adoption of Greek _______________ Christianity by Russia and much of Eastern Europe. ORTHODOX 3. Adoption of _______________ alphabet for the Slavic languages by St. Cyril (______________ alphabet) GREEKCYRILLIC


14 Part 1: ISLAM RELIGION 1. Who was the founder and prophet of the Islamic religion? MUHAMMAD 2. What is the most holy city in the Islamic religion? MECCA 3. The Islamic Religion would spread across the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, _____________, and eventually into ____________. AFRICASPAIN


16 4. What is the Arabic word for God? ALLAH 5. What is the name of the Muslim holy book? QUR’AN (KORAN) 6. In order to be a faithful to the Islam what must Muslims live by? FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM

17 Part 1: ISLAM RELIGION 7. Muslims accepted the Judeo-Christian prophets, including, ____________, ____________, & ____________. JESUS, MOSES, & ABRAHAM 8. Islamic Division A. Shiite’s believed the leader of the faith should be FROM THE FAMILY OF MUHAMMAD. B. Sunni’s believed the leader of the faith should be “RIGHTLY GUIDED MUSLIM.”

18 Part 1: ISLAM RELIGION 9. The Islamic Empire would eventually capture the cities of Damascus and _____________________. JERUSALEM 10. Which battle ended Muslim invasion of Western Europe in 732 AD? BATTLE OF TOURS (FRANCE) 11. Early Spread of Islam occurred along the trade routes between Mecca and ________________. MEDINA

19 Part 1: ISLAM RELIGION 12. What was the language of the Islamic Empire? ARABIC 13. ___________________ was accepted in the Islamic Empire, but was not based on race. SLAVERY هيغ سكول

20 Part 2: ISLAM CONTRIBUTIONS 14. What was the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem? MOSQUE 15. The Muslims translated ancient _____________ & ________________ texts in Arabic. GREEK AND ROMAN

21 Part 2: ISLAM CONTRIBUTIONS 16. Define: Arabic Numerals NUMBERS 1-9, INCLUDES ZERO 17. What type of math did Muslim mathematicians invent? ALGEBRA 18. Muslim scientists understood the Earth was _______, described __________ eclipses, and how the __________ affects the ocean tides. ROUNDSOLARMOON


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