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Muscles of facial expression

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1 Muscles of facial expression
Frontalis O: Frontal Bone I: eyebrow skin Action: elevates eyebrows

2 Muscles of facial expression
Orbicularis oculi Sphincter muscle of eyelid O: frontal & maxillary bones I: tissue of eyelid Action: closes eye Nerve: facial / CN VII (11.6)

3 Muscles of facial expression
Orbicularis oris Sphincter muscle around mouth O: Maxilla; mandible I: skin around mouth Action: closes/ protrudes lips

4 Muscles of facial expression
Zygomaticus O: zygomatic bone I: corners of mouth Action: smiling Nerve: facial / CN VII Major and Minor (11.6)

5 Muscles of facial expression
Platysma Broad plate-like muscle O: chest fascia I: mandible; skin at corners of mouth Action: depresses mandible, pulls lower lip down

6 Muscles of mastication
Masseter O: zygomatic arch I: angle & ramus of mandible Action: elevate mandible Nerve: trigeminal nerve / CN V (foramen ovale) Masseter (11.7a)

7 Muscles of mastication
Temporalis O: temporal fossa I: coronoid process of mandible Action: elevate and retract mandible Nerve: trigeminal n. / CN V (11.7a)

8 Muscles of mastication
Buccinator O: molar area of mandible/ maxilla I: orbicularis oris Action: compresses cheek

9 Muscles of neck & throat
Sternocleidomastoid O: manubrium & medial clavicle I: mastoid process of temporal bone Action: head & neck flexion, rotate head contralaterally Nerve: accessory n. / CN XI (11.8a)

10 Muscles of neck & throat

11 Extrinsic tongue muscles
Styloglossus O: styloid process of temporal bone I: tongue Action: retract & elevate tongue Nerve: hypoglossal n. / CN XII Styloglossus (11.7c)

12 Extrinsic tongue muscles
Hyoglossus O: hyoid bone I: tongue Action: depresses tongue Nerve: hypoglossal n. / CN XII Hyoid bone (11.7c)

13 Muscles of neck & throat
Digastric two muscle bellies with an intermediate tendon attached to the hyoid bone O: inferior margin of mandible (anterior belly); mastoid process of temporal bone (posterior belly) I: hyoid bone Action: elevate hyoid, stabilize hyoid, depress mandible Nerve: trigeminal n. / CN V (anterior belly), facial n. / CN VII (posterior belly) Posterior belly Anterior belly (11.8a)

14 Muscles of neck & throat
Stylohyoid O: styloid process of temporal bone I: hyoid bone Action: elevate & retract hyoid, swallow Nerve: facial n. / CN VII Stylohyoid (11.7c)

15 Muscles of neck & throat
Sternohyoid O: manubrium & medial end of clavicle I: hyoid bone Action: depress hyoid Sternohyoid (11.8a)

16 Muscles of neck & throat
Pharyngeal constrictors O: mandible, pterygoid process, hyoid, laryngeal cartilages I: posterior medial raphe of pharynx Action: peristaltic contraction / swallow Superior Middle Inferior (11.8b)

17 Hip & knee muscles Gluteus muscles Maximus Medius Minimus (deep)
O: post. Ilium/ sacrum; I: gluteal tuberosity Action: thigh extension; ext. rotation; abduction Medius O: post. Ilium; I: gluteal tuberosity Action: thigh abduction Minimus (deep)

18 Hip & knee muscles O: post. Ilium; I: gluteal tuberosity
Gluteus minimus Gluteus muscles Minimus (deep) O: post. Ilium; I: gluteal tuberosity Action: thigh abduction


20 Hip & knee muscles Adductors O: Ischium/ pubis I: femur
Action: adduct thigh Sartorius O: ant. Iliac crest I: medial tibial tuberosity Action: thigh flexion; abduction; ext. rotation

21 Hip & knee muscles Tensor fasciae latae Iliopsoas Gracilis
O: Iliac crest I: lateral condyle tibia Action: thigh abduction Iliopsoas O: ilium I: lesser trochanter Action: thigh flexion (P.M.) Gracilis O: pubis; I: prox. medial tibia Action: adduct thigh

22 Hip & knee muscles Quadriceps femoris O: Proximal femur
I: tibial tuberosity via patellar tendon Action: extend knee, flex thigh

23 Hip & knee muscles (deep)
Quadriceps femoris O: Proximal femur I: tibial tuberosity via patellar tendon Action: extend knee, flex thigh Vastus lateralis intermedius medialis Patella Patellar ligament Rectus femoris tendon (cut)


25 Hip & knee muscles Hamstrings O: ischial tuberosity
I: posterior proximal tibia Action: extend thigh, flex knee


27 Leg muscles Tibialis anterior O: lateral condyle and shaft of tibia
I: tarsal and first metatarsal bones Action: dorsiflexion Extensor digitorum longus O: lat. Condyle tibia; I: phalanges 2-5 Action: extends toes, dorsiflexion

28 Leg muscles Gastrocnemius O: medial & lateral condyles of femur
I: calcaneus via Achilles tendon Action: plantar flexion, flex knee Soleus plantar flexion Fibularis plantar flexion, eversion



31 Back muscles Spinalis (11.9d)
O: spines of upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae I: spines of upper thoracic and cervical vertebrae Action: extends vertebral column (11.9d)


33 Deep thorax muscles External & internal intercostals (11.10a)
O&I: inferior & superior border of ribs Action: inspiration and expiration Internal (11.10a)

34 Deep thorax muscles Diaphragm (11.10b)
O: xiphoid process, ribs , lumbar vertebrae I: central tendon Action: flattens on contraction (inspiration) Nerve: phrenic nerves Xiphoid process (11.10b)


36 Abdominal wall muscles
Rectus abdominis O: pubic crest & symphysis I: xiphoid process and costal cartilages of ribs 5- 7 Action: flex & rotate lumbar vertebrae, stabilize pelvis during walking, increase intraabdominal pressure Note: 3 tendinous insertions, aponeurosis & linea alba (11.11ab)

37 Abdominal wall muscles
Oblique Internal external Transverse

38 Posterior trunk muscles
Trapezius O: occipital bone, C7- T12 spinous processes I: acromion, spine of scapula, lateral 1/3 of clavicle Action: elevate, adduct, depress scapula, extend head POSTERIOR VIEW (11.13b)

39 Posterior trunk muscles
Latissimus dorsi O: Fascia spines T7- L5 I: intertuburcular groove humerus Action: PM arm extension, adduction arm

40 Posterior trunk muscles
Rhomboid O: spinous process C7- T5 I: medial scapula Action: adduct scapula Levator scapulae O: Transverse process C1-C4 I: medial border scapula Action: elevate scapula

41 Shoulder muscles Deltoid
O: lateral clavicle, acromion & spine of scapula I: deltoid tuberosity of humerus Action: arm- abduction, flexion, extension, medial & lateral rotation Anterior Posterior (11.13ab)

42 Shoulder muscles Teres major O: medial inferior scapula
I: intertuburcular groove humerus (ant. side) Action: medial arm rotation, adducts arm

43 Rotator cuff muscles Supraspinatous Infraspinatus  Teres minor
Act to stabilize head of humerus in glenoid cavity and prevent dislocation S.I.T.S. Supraspinatous Infraspinatus  Teres minor Subscapularis

44 Rotator cuff muscles: stabilize shoulder
Infraspinatus O: infraspinous fossa I: greater tubercle of humerus Action: lateral rotate humerus Teres minor O: inf. lat. Border scapula I: greater tubercle POSTERIOR VIEW (11.14b)

45 Rotator cuff muscles: stabilize shoulder
Supraspinatus O: Supraspinous fossa I: greater tubercle Action: abduction humerus POSTERIOR VIEW

46 Rotator cuff muscles: stabilize shoulder
Subscapularis O: subscapular fossa I: lesser tubercle of humerus Action: medial rotate arm ANTERIOR VIEW



49 Shoulder muscles Pectoralis major (11.13a) Nerve: Medial and lateral
O: medial clavicle, sternum, cartilage of ribs 1-6 I: intertubucular groove humerus Action: arm-flexion, medial rotation, adduction (11.13a) Nerve: Medial and lateral pectoral nerves (C6-C8)

50 Superficial thorax muscles
Pectoralis minor O: anterior surface of ribs 3-5 I: coracoid process of scapula Action: with ribs fixed, pulls scapula anterior & inferior; with scapula fixed, pulls ribs superiorly Nerve: Medial and lateral pectoral nerves (C6-C8) (11.13a)

51 Elbow muscles Triceps brachii (11.14b)
O: long head- infraglenoid tubercle, lat. & med. heads-posterior shaft of humerus I: olecranon process of ulna Action: extend forearm, assist adduction of arm Nerve: Radial nerve (11.14b)

52 Elbow muscles Biceps brachii (11.14c)
O: short head-coracoid process, long head-tubercle above glenoid cavity and lip of glenoid cavity (intertubercular groove) I: radial tuberosity Action: flex elbow, supinate forearm, weak arm flexor Nerve: Musculocutaneous nerve (C5 & C6) (11.14c)


54 Superificial thorax muscles
Serratus anterior O: ribs 1-9 I: medial border of scapula Action: hold scapula against chest wall, moves inferior angle of scapula lateral & superior (abduction, pushing, punching) (11.13a,8.1a reversed)

55 Superficial thorax muscles

56 Forearm muscles Flexor carpi (radialis & ulnaris) radialis ulnaris
O: medial epicondyle of humerus, ulna I: metacarpals and carpals Action: wrist flexion, abduct & adduct hand Carpal tunnel (Median nerve) syndrome p. 184 radialis ulnaris (11.15a) Anterior view


58 Forearm muscles Extensor carpi O: lateral epicondyle of humerus
I: base of metacarpals Action: extend, abduct, and adducts wrist Palpate forearm muscles


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