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Goto Meeting Hints Click here to turn on microphone Click here to turn on webcam Be sure Mic & Speakers are on. Please attend meeting in Quite area and.

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1 Goto Meeting Hints Click here to turn on microphone Click here to turn on webcam Be sure Mic & Speakers are on. Please attend meeting in Quite area and use earbuds. Please turn your mic on when speaking and off when you are not speaking To chat by text enter here. Select who to chat with here.

2 40SC Royal Online Mtg 8/72014 8PM, CT

3 Agenda  1) Brief Goto Mtg Instructions  2) Welcome  3) Member Points Tracking a) on-time renewal, expiration dates (IMMEDIATE CHANGES) c) expired members attending events, royal responsibility b) Rosters in on time  4) Sharing Facebook  5) Queen’s Email Accounts a) use and access to  6) Technical Troubleshooting a) online assistance

4 Agenda (cont.)  7) Leadership & Discretion at Events  8) Insurance a) event and accident insurance  9) Queen’s Resource Page  10) Royal Retreat (reservation deadline Sept 10 th )  11) 40S Cowgirl Angels  12) Closing, Open Q&A

5 Welcome! New Royals in Burson, CA Queen Stephanie Wells Princess Alicia Harmon Fearless Fillies New Chapter Wild Bunch, Delta, Ut Queen Teresa Harris Thank you for attending our online meeting!! New Chapter Silver Saddle Divas, Beavercreek, OR Queen Debbie Delorenzo Princess Cheryl Deahn New Princess in Salem, OR Tootie Martin Capital City Cowgirls Sad goodbye to our Arizona & Enterprise, OR Chapters. 

6 Member Points Tracking  First Priority—On-time Renewals Rule Change: effective immediately Members will be issued a renewal date based on the actual date of renewal. Any events attended during lapse in membership will not count.  (expired members need to be reminded they are currently expired by Royal Court)  If a member renews at the event then that event will count.  Nearly impossible to backtrack as it effects more than just that expired member

7 Member Points Tracking  Event Rosters include a slot to enter expiration date of members. (Have members fill this out)  We need YOUR help! Queens/Princesses or responsible chapter members need to verify and remove any expired members from the roster BEFORE they are sent to headquarters.

8 Member Points Tracking  40SC has posted more that 375 events so far this year. That is 375 rosters!  Event Rosters are to be mailed to headquarters in Texas 14days after the event.  Rosters may be scanned and emailed to You will receive a confirmation email that your roster was received.  We will not continue to accept late rosters.

9 Facebook: Share, Share, Share 2,647 People reached The more activity a page has the higher FB values that page and is likely to suggest it to people with similar interests.

10 Facebook: Share, Share, Share When you are the admin on a FB page here is where you can change who you are posting from. This also applies to sharing. You can also tag friends to a comment or a post by posting by “myself” and tagging a friend in the comment section of the FB post.

11 Facebook: Share, Share, Share By clicking on this small arrow you can choose who you will be using Facebook as. (your page or yourself) This enables you to post to another PAGE as your 40SC page. ie> say AQHA page….to promote your chapter

12 Queen’s Email Account  All Queen’s are issued a 40 Something Cowgirls email account to protect your personal information.  HQ uses this email address for all communications and updates to the Queen or Princess (if the princess has been issued a separate address)  HQ also used this address in any communications with the public, ie. Advertising Posting on Facebook Replying back to an inquiry about your Chapter  This is also the address your Dropbox link to your membership list is sent.

13 Technical Troubleshooting  Call or email Headquarters immediately  We can provide you with online assistance  We can remotely help you with your computer and programs.  This is why we are here!!

14 Leadership & Discretion  You would be surprised as to what gets back to Headquarters!!! Don’t let it be YOUR Chapter!!!!  As a chapter you are representing 40 Something Cowgirls  Irresponsible behavior puts us all at risk  Discourage members that have no regard for others in the chapter  Complaints, Complaints not a good thing

15 Insurance: EVENT  Event Insurance now available for mounted events as required by a particular venue. This is insurance for spectators and the complex or the venue. Event insurance DOES NOT cover participants.  HQ requirements: Schedule interview about event with HQ Submit application with description Submit $82, per day of event that needs covered

16 Insurance: Accident  $10,000 Accident insurance per member, deductible may apply For Members only, attending 40SC events.  $20 per member  Proposed to be included in annual membership fee. Annual membership fee will be raised to $65 to cover insurance for members.  Will be discussed at the Royal Retreat. Does not apply at this time to international members.

17 Royal Retreat!  Deadline for registration is Sept 10 th

18 40 Something Cowgirls Angels  No longer sending to National Charities  Charity fund for membership specific  Calendar profits will go into fund  To benefit members of 40SC  Application process is in the works  Chapters may fundraise for this fund as well

19 Q&A  Thanks for attending!!!  Hope to see you at the Royal Retreat!! October 16-20 th, 2014

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